Album Art Viewer v1.1

It’s been far too long since I properly released a Winamp plug-in update and today marks the first time since 17/12/2013 that I’m doing a plug-in update which is for the Album Art Viewer v1.1 plug-in.

This update requires v5.66 / v5.666 (i.e. a patched Winamp release) and the main thing is that it improves the image quality when the displayed artwork needs to be scaled. This is based on code from thinktink though I had someone else email me the changes in-order to get it integrated into this version.

There’s also some small performance tweaks to have it avoid creating things on start-up that are not needed or saving settings that haven’t been changed.



  1. Thanks very much!

  2. Like ya work DrO. Many thanks

  3. Is it meant to work only with 5.66 build?
    Will it work with new Winamp build, if new version will be released (if ever)?

  4. Tim H: You’re welcome.

    Pawel: This version (v1.1) will only work with v5.66x due to it relying upon a specific v5.66x api though I could have made it keep 5.64-5.66x support but I didn’t see much point.

    So It will not work with anything that is not reported as v5.66x and I have no intentions of providing a version that will work with anything new that may come from the current Winamp owners.

  5. Could you add some sweets?

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