Summer’s Up & So’s The “Beta” Preview Build

2.5 years was far far too long between preview builds & based on some of the more constructive feedback received from that time & with the build finally having gotten to generally good state, a “beta” preview build is now available before a proper preview build is made available next month (October 2023) when the more formal release will occur.

This is because I know there’s going to be issues that haven’t been caught during beta testing so it’s being treated as a beta preview as that’s what people were wanting to get the closed betas before a new preview build so that’s what we’ve got.

The cumulative changelog for everything between & (though it’s not everything as that doesn’t account for inter-build issues) can be found here.

At almost 1300 lines it should give an idea for what it’s taken 2.5 years as part of trying to get WACUP to not rely on Winamp’s core (winamp.original) to be able to run & do most of what’s expected along with having replaced a lot of the plug-ins & added more to expand the format support (was around 700 or so different formats the last time I checked mostly from trying to remove the need to install chipamp when most of those plug-ins are now WACUPified). shows what’s still needed from the 5.666 installer which isn’t too much with the Winamp core only needed now for it’s equaliser implementation otherwise the majority of things are all from WACUP’s core & plug-ins along with some more work needed for the 64-bit WACUP build to arrive which is the pure WACUP experience.



  1. Woah, big update. I can’t wait to try it. GJ. :)