Week 1

This I intend will be the start of weekly updates (to be posted on sunday night) on how things are progressing with any of my Winamp related activities. Why do this…? Because not only does it help me to keep a better record of what’s been happening but also because I want to be as open as possible as to what is going on which I think some might interesting to follow.

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So what now….?

That is a very good question since as we’ve seen so far, not much is going on with Winamp and the chances seem to be fading as time goes on. I release that there have been some posts / media about things to come but even I’m not convinced especially after having talked to others over the last few weeks about things.

In retrospect, Winamp and SHOUTcast would have been better off being split-up instead of having to be sold together as it hasn’t worked too well (as was always likely going to be the way with two aspects involved).

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