Week 30

I like making installers, I really do as I’ve had to keep telling myself all week. But as something that needs to be done to get one step closer to a beta release of WACUP then it’s something that now needs to be sorted out albeit at the expense of getting the plug-ins and loader finished off.

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Week 28

I’m hoping this being a day late in actual posting is ok based on the things that will be covered in this update. So without messing around and in no particular order lets get on with this week’s update :)

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Week 27

Well it’s now a week on from the last update and the few days it took to update all of my machines to Windows 10 and so far I’m pleasantly surprised with it compared to having used Windows 7 on the same hardware. For those following, it turned out to be a dodgy cable that caused my development drive to have issues and not a bad Windows 10 install.

There’s a few little things that have catch me out from muscle memory between the Windows versions but it’s minor compared to Chrome 52 removing Backspace as means to go back a page which I’m not impressed with as Alt+Left Arrow isn’t as easy to do one handed. Apparently it’s been done to help prevent users losing entered form data by mistake which I guess makes sense but removing a long standing shortcut isn’t good.

And now on to the Winamp side of things from this week which is what you’re here for I hope :)

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