Weeks 156 though to 166 Progress Update (I did get some work done it seems)

As I’m getting back into the swing of things with WACUP development after the past 2 & bit months being somewhat up in the air (see here) I thought I’d at least put up a copy of the current changelog for the development build as I’ve realised I’ve done more than I thought (though not enough compared to where I would ideally have liked to have been but that’s life for you).

So here’s the current development changelog for your enjoyment:

  • Added double-size classic playlist editor support & all of the changes needed to fool the classic skin engine to cope with this (whoever thought it a good idea to not do this natively years back when the main window & equaliser windows got it needs a friendly slap)
  • Added Discord & Twitter preference shortcuts to make it easier to find & setup these now playing update modes (a dedicated quick access preference page is planned once we work out what should go on it & how it should be displayed - please let us know about settings you commonly want to change & struggle to remember where to find them)
  • Added a replacement Waveform Decoder plug-in which is still based on libsndfile like the plug-in it replaces but resolves a slew of issues (including seeking in multi-GB 32-bit floating point WAV files) to improving metadata support (with more to hopefully follow on that) & Winamp integration (e.g. using the unified Alt+3 dialog instead of a generic messagebox)

  • Changed where the Milkdrop presets are stored and accessed by default to be in the settings folder instead of the main install folder (this is the easiest way to resolve ratings not being saved without having to run as an administrator & no one should need to run WACUP in that manner!)
  • Changed the ‘Titles | ATF’ preferences page to have a larger input field for the ATF string along with a working preview of the output
  • Changed the default action on the ‘Titles | ATF’ preferences page to prompt for confirmation before resetting the ATF string to default
  • Changed the Discord preferences page to have a link to the forum thread which details how to setup WACUP to work with Discord & other information
  • Changed how curated Milkdrop presets are handled during install to download them only if needed instead of being always included in the installer
  • Changed the MP3 encoder preset handling to simplify things vs the common usage vs trying to maintain compatibility with existing 5.666 installs
  • Changed the Skin Manager plug-in to show a folder icon next to pre-extracted folders to make it easier to differentiate them (e.g. if extracted to work on vs also having an original copy of the skin as a wsz/wal/zip)
  • Changed some of the skin image loading to reduce duplication of images to better ensure only a single image copy is loaded & used for classic skins
  • Changed the time elapsed indicator on the classic playlist editor window to try to show a h:mm:ss formatted time (if the main option is enabled) to better match other WACUP related changes for time display (for time remaining it will keep using the -mm:ss formatting style due to space restrictions)
  • Changed the windowshaded playlist editor window to show (if applicable) the queued item position (via the ‘q’ action) for better consistency
  • Changed the windowshaded playlist editor real font handling to better fit within the area used with a skinned font to break less skins when that option is enabled via the classic skins preferences page (e.g. removing odd colour matching and overwriting expected borders of the area)
  • Changed the Waveform Seeker plug-in to fill in the currently played area (if applicable) under the generic waveform for applicable playlist items that cannot be processed to generate a waveform (this should help with usability & interaction with the plug-in for most use cases)
  • Changed the extraction of skins to be done by WACUP instead of the native handling where possible to help resolve some loading issues with sub-folders within the skin archives & to experiment with a few other things for later WACUP development :)

  • Fixed a memory leak when checking if a file is supported by the current input plug-ins
  • Fixed the trim ATF method not correctly removing trailing space characters
  • Fixed the custom fallback artwork handling not live updating correctly due to invalid cache invalidation (needed a restart to be applied)
  • Fixed the classic albumart plug-in crashing when it gets some unexpected metadata
  • Fixed the classic albumart plug-in updating to show the wrong item when some of the options were changed & the current selection is meant to be showing rather than the currently playing item
  • Fixed the classic albumart plug-in not updating as expected when the custom fallback artwork handling is changed via the Artwork preferences page
  • Fixed the Discord updates being incorrectly limited on the number of characters allowed when using the multi-line support
  • Fixed the Discord & other ATF based aspects not dealing with emoji type characters correctly (thank you kobochat for reporting)
  • Fixed the line input plug-in crashing in some setups when attempting to start playback
  • Fixed some issues with the IPC_SET_PE_WIDTHHEIGHT handling not correctly validating input which could cause some odd sizing of the playlist editor when switching between modern skins back to classic skins (madness I tell thee, madness!)
  • Fixed some column text alignments in the Audio CD views to better match the rest of the library
  • Fixed a random crash on close if the Audio CD view was open and a metadata query was in progress
  • Fixed queued items (via the ‘q’ action in the main playlist editor, etc) not showing the queued item position if there was no length (this has been a limitation for far too many years & replacing all of the main playlist editor drawing routines for my own now allows this to work right!)
  • Fixed flickering of highlighted queued or missing file playlist items when doing fast scrolling downwards in the main playlist editor (finally due to the joys of double-buffered painting!)

  • Updated the Big Bento Modern skins to 1.1.4 (14 Feb 2019)
  • Updated libcurl (libcurl.dll) to 7.64.1 (27 Mar 2019)
  • Updated libflac to from the latest github commit (7 Mar 2019)
  • Updated libjpeg-turbo (image.w5s) to 2.0.2 (14 Feb 2019)
  • Updated libnghttp2 (libcurl.dll) to 1.37.0 (8 Mar 2019)
  • Updated libopenmpt (in_mod.dll) to (7 Apr 2019)
  • Updated openssl (libcurl.dll) to 1.1.1b (26 Feb 2019)
  • Updated lzma (lzma.dll) to 19.00 (21 Feb 2019)
  • Updated minizip (zlib.dll) to 2.8.6 (8 Apr 2019)
  • Updated unrar (unrar.dll) to 5.71.1 (2 Apr 2019)

One thing that has been useful with the delays in working on a new build is seeing roughly how stable the current preview build has been over a longer time. Thankfully the few issues that have cropped up in the crash reports that have been received are consistent & should see proper fixes for them either in the next build or not too long after that.

Until the next update, take care of yourselves!