Week 22

Last week I noted that it’s now summer time here in the UK and true to form, the weather hasn’t been all that great which means it must be true especially as it was time for Glastonbury and it’s notorious mud-baths - which does not appeal to me one iota. On a related note (fnarff), for those who get_iplayer access then there’s a good range of full sets from this year’s Glastonbury which should have something for most to enjoy (alas not officially within Winamp ;) ).

Now onto what happened during the week…

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Week 21

Welcome to week 21 and the official start of the summer for those in the northern hemisphere (at least it is meant to be from what I’ve been told :o) ). Up front this weeks update is going to be dull as it’s main involved code re-organisation / replacement rather than working on new shiny things.

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Week 18 + 19 + 20

Those following me on twitter will have seen that I was away on holiday last week (with the surprisingly nice weather that the north east of the UK saw) along with preparations for that (getting camping gear sorted and everything related to computer backups) and the bank holiday we had in the UK the week before (#19), I’m a bit out of kilt on where I should be by now.

That’s not to say that I’ve not been doing things but it’s not as much as I’d liked to have seen done as I’m my worst critic on what I want to achieve vs what I’m actually able to within the time available. So in no particular order, lets see what I got up to…

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