Week 153 Progress Update (A public preview build at last to start your 2019)

It finally happened and WACUP saw the release of its first public preview build to help start off 2019 to a hopefully brighter tone than 2018 had at times. The availability of the preview build comes almost 3 years since WACUP began and which has seen its ups and downs over that time (which I’ll probably document when the anniversary happens) along with some naysayers that it’d never actually appear but it did.

There’s still a long way to go but as we’re almost at the base feature set wanted for an initial non-beta build it made sense to get something out there to validate things are ok (as long as anyone testing it provides feedback if there are issues- the trickiest thing at times).

The next few months will see a continuation of the beta builds along with updated preview builds to act as a snapshot update whilst the beta testers still get to test & try out things a bit sooner than every 5-6 weeks as is the intended preview build update cycle (which will likely become the aim for after the preview builds have done their work).

Now it’s back to the coding for me & I’ll end this update with just a big thank you to everyone who has supported this effort, provided content (old plug-ins and new skins) through to just putting up with my ramblings as it means a lot <3


p.s. I won’t make any guarantees that I’ll be doing this updates weekly this year ;)