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I am pleased to announce that we now have a new site icon (it may require a cache refresh for it to appear) and logo which relates to the work which is being done on what is now officially being called the Winamp Community Update Pack (aka WACUP which can be pronounced as wakeup or however you would prefer).

The new graphics have kindly been created by Victhor so please do check out his other work.

The new page for WACUP has been created to provide a central place for key information about the project (e.g. how to be considered as a beta tester in the coming months or how to help support the project).

Whilst this blog will keep providing the weekly updates and anything specific that I want to cover at the time. So between the two I’m hoping it will help to explain and show what I’m doing.



  1. Favicon is good but you need to add a bigger one at the top of these pages as part of the header. Sing out of help needed

  2. Nice work DrO!
    It seems that you really take this project seriously… I am impressed!
    (however, not providing support for future Winamp release is bad idea in my opinion, but I fully understand you (and to be honest, if company that bought Winamp will act like now, Winamp will be dead sooner then we think, if not already).

    Question: Is it really possible to develop a safe software without access to sources?
    You wrote, you use old nde sources - have you got rights to use it? What if Winamp.exe will be vulnerable to some security issues?
    JTFE will still support Icon Packs (I spent a lot, I mean a lot of time creating it)?

    As I am trying to be a Winamp advocate in Poland I offer my help regarding to:
    Betatest: - Windows 10 Pro x64, PL
    Translation: - I still maintain Polish langpack for Winamp (maybe only just because I do it over 10 years, and I spent a lot of time on it). If your project support translation (must have) I will add Polish translation for WACUP plugins (probably via my Extended Language Pack).

    Ps: Comments on your site are really useful :)

  3. Pete: I assume you mean like the banner link I’ve added to all of the blog pages tonight ?

    Pawel: In an ideal world then the events that happened would mean that I wouldn’t have had to make the decision to not provide plug-ins that will work with the Radionomy version. At some point when I can make it not sound like a rant, I will have to do a proper post about why I won’t allow them to include JTFE with their version as its not like with their resources it wouldn’t be hard for them to get it natively re-implemented (or maybe they should have replied to my email so it wouldn’t have become an issue…)..

    Yes I do think it is possible to develop safe updates - as safe as any 3rd party update or native code implementation can be.

    The NDE source code was publically released under a permissive license which others have made use off to create solutions in other languages / programs. The main issue was that it include some of the format changes that were introduced for unicode support but from the raw db file data and the available source code, that was easy enough to work out.

    If winamp.exe were to found to be vulnerable to an issue, then that would need to be dealt with in the best manner possible be it disabling the functionality or providing a shim to work around the issue (i.e. patching the code to ignore the ‘bad’ code and have it instead use ‘good’ code that provides the required functionality without the vulnerability). Though it’s almost always been specific plug-ins (especially those not updated / using old libraries like in_mod) that have been the point of issue rather than winamp.exe itself. So there are ways around things and considering people keep using 2.x and the security issues reported against that, for a proportion of users it’s a non-issue if Winamp is secure or not.

    JTFE will maintain the functionality it already has though I may change how things are done slightly to better leverage the means that running things via a loader program allow (i.e. catching some external actions a lot sooner than the plug-in can achieve or at all e.g. adding files into the library from explorer / command-line). So icon packs are not going away as I know how much you and others have worked on them (which I massively appreciate).

    I think that answers the points you’ve raised (and I’ve added you to the list ;) ).

    And am glad you think the comments is helpful. I should probably look into doing something so my replies can be made in context with specific comments and if a contact address is provided to try to send a reply back (though not sure if that’s worth the potential pain, heh).

  4. Yep DrO, spot on re banner.

  5. Oh I thought it was on the top header but it isn’t. Seems like you want the logo relevant just to the pack. I thought it was to be for the website itself to give it some more identity

  6. Pete: That’s good to know :o)
    And yes Victhor’s work is very nice.

    [edit for the second post by Pete]
    The general icon is for anything on the site be it the blog, downloads, etc. The full usage of the logo as per the new banner and on the WACUP page header is just for WACUP related aspects (which is why it’s not on the main page as that still needs it’s mirror identity).

    Though things will likely change over time as to how / what is shown. But that’s all down to me getting things to a releasable state, etc.

    Plus at the moment there is a key difference between the WInamp mirror and development off WACUP. So the general style being the same is intended to help make some associations whilst having specific header images on the main pages as their identities.

    For the blog, I’ve done the banner as it doesn’t overload things as the focus of it is about the posts at this time than pushing WACUP but it sets up the tie-in that the blog is more about WACUP than the mirror (if that all makes sense).

    But like I’ve said, it will all most likely change with time as things come along and the main focal points of what is wanted to be provided changes in relation to that (i.e. once WACUP is out, the mirror will ideally become secondary).

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