Week 17

Another week and another update (assuming this makes it to being posted unlike the prior one I managed to delete instead of publish) and this one has even got some screen shots instead of just a wall of text (but that will still be there :) ).

So this week has partly been about refining some of the features already covered over the last few weeks as well as putting in place holders for features to come and reviewing some other things that could / should be added in later on.

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Week 14 + 15

Between a bank holiday (which threw my timing out), some other matters I needed to sort out and not much to really talk about for week 14, this update is a combination of the last two weeks (14 and 15).

So between all of that and “ooh look at that shiny thing” distractions (which I need to get in-check), what I’d intended to do (especially for week 14 didn’t quite manifest itself). The main thing that has appeared has been an (almost complete) update of the vgmstream plug-in (which I’ve not yet released as a standalone update yet as transcoding support needs to be finished off).

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