Week 13

This week has been a weird one in that I just don’t know where the time has gone despite working on things other than not doing quite as much plug-in coding as I’d probably have liked to have done due to some non-Winamp stuff that also needed to be done.

The main time as such has been spent on behind the scenes website stuff (hence getting https support), working on analytics and what the data on the site has been for the last few months and trying to do some seo related improvements (particularly for making any embedded links for the site work better on twitter and facebook).

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Week 12

Some weeks you just cannot tell if you’ve been productive or not and as i’m starting to write this I have to say it doesn’t feel like I have but lets see how things fared.

One main theme has been helping out on additional testing for the Winamp Backup Tool (if you can spare the time to help out and test the beta releases then i’m sure that koopa will be most grateful) as well as sorting out an NSIS plug-in that helps to correctly identify true running Winamp instances (which is also helpful for fixing a few things with the WACUP loader program when needing to pass on requests to the currently running Winamp instance (so work on one is beneficial to the other).

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NSIS Installers & Correctly Detecting Running Winamp Instances

This is probably a niche topic but I thought it would be handy to document how to detect all true running Winamp instances if only due to the effort that I’ve put in to get a reliable means to detect if a true Winamp instance is already running so that it can be closed prior to installing a plug-in when using an NSIS installer (e.g. before running a Winamp backup with the Winamp Backup Tool).

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Week 11

This week’s update will be a bit shorter than normal but at least being posted on a Monday which is going to be the default day from now on.

The main thing to see from last week was already posted a few days back here with regards to the preferences window and vertical sizing support for it. As something that I’d hoped would have been a simple thing, it somewhat ate up a bit more than 2 days time to get it generally working as wanted with a bit more work needing to be done on some specific plug-in preferences. Plus I’m sure one of the requesters of it are still being mesmerised by the gif :o)

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Can you see me now…?

Often the simplest of changes can make a good difference to how you’re using something. This is how over the years I ended up making a range of small plug-ins that would modify / add something specific to Winamp which wouldn’t necessarily be considered officially.

With that in mind, I was recently reminded about something that I’d done when I was working officially on Winamp post-sale which was helpful for at least a few people and thought why not do it also for WACUP. So below you’ll see what I’ve been tinkering on yesterday…

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