WACUP Site Outage & Migration (ftw)

As some of you may have noticed at the start of this week the WACUP site was a bit more unstable than normal & then it changed to only showing ‘no input file specified’ when trying to access it. This failure happened around the time that the hosting provider that was being used was doing some maintenance work along with trying to resolve an ftp issue which I’d also been experiencing.

So after waiting for the maintenance window to close & assuming things might come back, nothing changed. Additionally there was nothing showing via the site FTP which is obviously a massive concern so a ticket gets raised & all I’ve had back to that ticket is “Within the next three days you can expect to be contacted by the developer assigned to your case. They will keep you informed of progress through updates to your ticket, which you can view via your Control Panel.”.

Not only is the wording odd (an assigned developer?) it’s just not an acceptable timescale especially if as it’s worded is just to get to the initial contact. As nothing had happened after a full days outage it was the final straw for me with fasthosts & I began the process of moving the site (honestly something I should’ve done 2 years ago but life & death got in the way & things had seemed to improve).

As of this update, everything obvious has been moved & is working. There’s a few small things that aren’t user facing which still need to resolved along with some of the cloudflare related handling I’d been using until now.

Overall it’s taken around 13 hours of work (there was a sleep break once the downloads were working) to move everything & so far it’s only 3 blog posts & their comments that I didn’t have working backups for (those posts have been restored using the internet archive copy).

On a more positive note, the past few months have been quite good for WACUP adoption & notice in the wider internet which has been nice to see :)