Waveform Seeker v2.1.2

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I can announce the release of Waveform Seeker Plug-in v2.1.2 for use with the patched Winamp 5.666 release. The plug-in was originally developed by Gargaj who has very kindly allowed me to provide a new version of the plug-in with a number of improvements and important crash fixes over the previous release as well as including a previously unreleased feature from Gargaj (CUE sheet support on the waveform!).

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Week 25 + 26

As I sit typing this, I’ve (finally) completed updating my main development machine and my laptop to run Windows 10 for which I’m using a dual boot setup (specific hard drives) in both cases so I can still do Windows 7 development and testing on a ‘real’ machine. Overall I’m happy with Windows 10 on my main development machine (more so by using the latest insider preview vs the November 2015 update) though there’s a few niggles I have with it that mainly come down to muscle memory on how to do things.

The only downside is that my development drive has decided to act up (giving S.M.A.R.T. errors on boot-up and then not work correctly though changing to a different SATA port has allowed it to work. So I might just have a bad cable but just in-case I’m in the process of checking the drive and backing up a few things (most of it is already backed up) but the timing of that happening is far from ideal as I had thought the Windows 10 install had gone wrong, heh.

Now onto what we’re here for…

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Week 23

This will be a short update as I’ve a few things to still sort out before going to a funeral. I’ve only worked on my replacement ml_wire plug-in (as covered at the end of last week) and it’s now at the stage where it can do most of what the native plug-in could do i.e. check for and download new podcasts.

Currently it only reads RSS feeds (as that’s what I’m already using since that’s all the original plug-in supports) but ATOM feeds will be supported in the coming week. It also has a lower memory usage by ~11MB when using the same feeds data which is a decent saving (ymmv). More can be saved (~8MB for my test data) if dynamically loading most of the feeds information instead of just loading and caching all of the information but that involves more work to achieve than the simpler option I’ve gone with to get something that works.