21 Years Of Winamp

Another year passes and we reach another milestone in that Winamp can finally have a drink to celebrate it’s birthday in it’s country of origin (the U.S.) as it’s now 21 years old (as of 21st April). Having peronsally used Winamp since 1999, it’s both bewildering and amazing to still be able to use it after all that time from where it first started (as covered last year) through to where we find it now in a sadly odd state of limbo (though if you’ve gotten here you’ll now know that some of us still love it enough to try and keep it going however we can).

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Discord Server

For those of you looking for another way to get in contact or have a chat we me and other like minded WACUP & Winamp users (and you’re not keen on using one of the existing contact options), I’ve now created a Discord server (a welcome side effect of recently adding Discord support to WACUP). For Patreons, you’ll now get a ‘Patreon Backer‘ role if you join the server which isn’t a lot but it’s a little something else for the support received.


You’ll need to ensure you’ve followed https://patreon.zend … s/articles/212052266 which details how to connect your Patreon account to Discord so the auto-magical goodness can be done for you :)


Happy 20th Birthday Winamp

Yes you’ve read the title correctly, today April 21st 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of when WinAMP 0.20a was first released as freeware to the world! If you’ve never seen it then that first version looks a lot different to what most people think off when Winamp is mentioned but everything has to start somewhere and that’s how Winamp started Winamp_0.2a.jpg

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NSIS Installers & Correctly Detecting Running Winamp Instances

This is probably a niche topic but I thought it would be handy to document how to detect all true running Winamp instances if only due to the effort that I’ve put in to get a reliable means to detect if a true Winamp instance is already running so that it can be closed prior to installing a plug-in when using an NSIS installer (e.g. before running a Winamp backup with the Winamp Backup Tool).

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Comments Enabled

Just a quick post to say that I’ve sorted out the issues that were preventing comments from working on here. There’s still a bit more work to do on the handling of comments but for the time being, they should generally work as needed.

I’m also looking at getting the contact page properly working and a few other things with the blog in general, but I’ve got the main thing (comments) working :)

So what now….?

That is a very good question since as we’ve seen so far, not much is going on with Winamp and the chances seem to be fading as time goes on. I release that there have been some posts / media about things to come but even I’m not convinced especially after having talked to others over the last few weeks about things.

In retrospect, Winamp and SHOUTcast would have been better off being split-up instead of having to be sold together as it hasn’t worked too well (as was always likely going to be the way with two aspects involved).

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