New logo and an announcement

I am pleased to announce that we now have a new site icon (it may require a cache refresh for it to appear) and logo which relates to the work which is being done on what is now officially being called the Winamp Community Update Pack (aka WACUP which can be pronounced as wakeup or however you would prefer).

The new graphics have kindly been created by Victhor so please do check out his other work.

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Week 8

How time flies as this week’s update marks the 2 month anniversary since I started working on Winamp things again with the creation of this site. The main progress made this week wasn’t at all what I’d planned to do at the end of last week in the creation of a new plug-in (in_url.dll) which came from a conversation after putting up last weeks post.

This new plug-in (in_url.dll) at the moment allows Winamp to play youtube videos with normal youtube urls (though only MP4 versions, WEBM isn’t support) as well as soundcloud urls. I had also gotten tunein support working (which in a lot of cases ends up being a SHOUTcast server) but something was changed at the weekend which broke it (having only implemented support for it on Friday so will have to get that fixed.

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Week 7

Apologies that this week’s update is a bit (ok a lot) later than normal as I got a bit carried away coding (along with internet outages tonight) that meant I was running a bit behind on doing this at the actual end of the week (as someone commented to remind me heh).

Things are still progressing (but not as fast I’d like) which is why after I got the comments system working I ended up not doing quite as I’d been planning and instead had a bash at some of the tedious but simpler updates and fixes that can be made to some of the plug-ins that I’m planning on including which is noted in the development changelog I’ve now put up (and is partly why this update is late as I wanted to get most of the changelog completed :o) ).

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Comments Enabled

Just a quick post to say that I’ve sorted out the issues that were preventing comments from working on here. There’s still a bit more work to do on the handling of comments but for the time being, they should generally work as needed.

I’m also looking at getting the contact page properly working and a few other things with the blog in general, but I’ve got the main thing (comments) working :)