Discord Server

For those of you looking for another way to get in contact or have a chat we me and other like minded WACUP & Winamp users (and you’re not keen on using one of the existing contact options), I’ve now created a Discord server (a welcome side effect of recently adding Discord support to WACUP). For Patreons, you’ll now get a ‘Patreon Backer‘ role if you join the server which isn’t a lot but it’s a little something else for the support received.


You’ll need to ensure you’ve followed https://patreon.zend … s/articles/212052266 which details how to connect your Patreon account to Discord so the auto-magical goodness can be done for you :)


Weeks 101 + 102 + 103 Progress Update (no dalmations were harmed in the making of this)

If you’ve been following things then you’ll know that I didn’t get the week 101 and week 102 updates posted so welcome to the combined update that also includes week 103 which due to what was being worked on doesn’t make too much of a difference :) So without wasting anymore time (that comes in the notes after the main list of updates ;) ), on to the updates…

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WACUP Update & Patreon

Hello again, it’s been a while since the last blog post and even longer since the last regular blog post updates. I apologise now for this but I’ve been busier coding which isn’t a valid excuse and I know I need to get back into the habit of doing the weekly(ish) blog updates.

So if you’ve not been following me elsewhere & / or via the changelogs then you may not think much has been going on but you are wrong as there’s been 12 beta builds provided since the start of 2017 (not counting some of the interim builds before the main builds were released to all of the beta testers). I won’t recap all of those changelogs here but suffice to say a lot of work has been going on (not as much as I’d like at times) but things are progressing (unlike any official progress from what was recently indicated).

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Happy 20th Birthday Winamp

Yes you’ve read the title correctly, today April 21st 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of when WinAMP 0.20a was first released as freeware to the world! If you’ve never seen it then that first version looks a lot different to what most people think off when Winamp is mentioned but everything has to start somewhere and that’s how Winamp started Winamp_0.2a.jpg

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