Weeks 101 + 102 + 103 Progress Update (no dalmations were harmed in the making of this)

If you’ve been following things then you’ll know that I didn’t get the week 101 and week 102 updates posted so welcome to the combined update that also includes week 103 which due to what was being worked on doesn’t make too much of a difference :) So without wasting anymore time (that comes in the notes after the main list of updates ;) ), on to the updates…

The following things were worked on (in no particular order as taken from my internal development progress changelog):

  • Forked the win7shell plug-in (with permission) to update it and include it within WACUP
    - This has been provided as test builds to the beta testers which has found & helped fix a number of issues from trying to update the plug-in whilst tweaking some functionality and removing other things based on how users now want to make use of the plug-in
    - Added a main window preview mode so the buttons, etc can be customised whilst having the preview act like Winamp’s native but fixed preview mode
    - A mass of changes that will eventually get their own dedicate changelog but like before, is currently available to the registered beta testers (something to play with whilst the main build is delayed)

  • Fixed some more cases of things not being initialised in the expected manner which could cause some issues

  • Additional code analysis being run over the code base to find some minor issues that needed fixing
    - This is one of those general processes that I do to make sure I’m not doing something really bad whilst seeing what updated tools are not seeing and reporting (not too much & what is reported is minor)

  • Optimised the size of icons in the WACUP provided plug-ins as well as within the original Winamp program file
    - Due to WACUP only working on Windows 7 and newer, it’s possible to make use of PNG encoded icon files which can make a reasonable size reduction
    - For the win7shell plug-in this saved ~15KB of the file size
    - For other parts of WACUP this saves ~127KB of the installed file sizes

  • Removed the ATF html resource from the original Winamp program file
    - This (along with the icon optimisation and prior resource removal) gets the original Winamp program file (winamp.original) to below 1MB in size (the non-WACUP modified version is a bit over 2MB in size)
    - This is now setup to point to https://getwacup.com/atf_help.html though it still needs to get the WACUP site theming applied to it

  • Changing ‘Winamp Community Update Pack’ to ‘WinAmp Community Update Pack’ in the code, installer, etc
    - this is part of making what WACUP comes from make more sense plus using the older captilisation is a bit more old-school and all that fun

  • Removed gen_hotkeys_extra.dll
    - This is now merged into the replacement gen_hotkeys.dll which changes from 53.5KB for both dlls to 46KB for just one for the same functionality

  • Updated the Playlist File Remover plug-in to support the gen_hotkeys resource changes or hotkey handling
  • Updated libogg (libvorbis.dll) to 1.3.3 (7 Nov 2017)

  • Fixed forum posting issues (due to mis-configured spam protection), copyright date updates, got grumpy with hosting support (after the last 2 days of issues) & setup additional monitoring to better track site availability and issues
    - For the monitoring, I’m trying out the free solution from pingdom to see if it’s any good & if as I suspect there are some intermittent issues still

As I’ve mentioned above and some would have noticed, the site was having some access issues with timeouts &/or incomplete or very slow page loads. Lesson learnt (other than hosting sucks, heh) is I needed to have put in place some monitoring ages ago but never pulled my finger out.

So I’ve now setup pingdom (that’s the status of the main site and forum) so I can keep a better track if there are issues of access as well performance dips as the site performance felt like it was getting slower before the issues fully started but I didn’t have any data to prove that. This change I hope will help and also just gives me a bit of piece of mind if there are some issues that it might not just be me and a local routing issue (as I’ve had a few times in the past).

One thing that I needed to consider was how to best manage the Taskbar Integration plug-in source code changes whilst satisfying the GPL requirements. So the result of this is that I’ll be providing a copy of the source code for it and some of the other plug-ins under a similar code license at https://github.com/WACUP (this will be actioned over the next few weeks whilst I adjust my local management of source code to deal with github & my non-github usage).

This doesn’t change my current stance on keeping the majority of WACUP closed source (I know some don’t like that & that’s down to everyone to decide what they’re happy with) but I’ve my reasons for this as I personally wouldn’t license under the GPL (a BSD / MIT solution is more my preference) but then I also don’t want a certain company (however unlikely) to reap the benefits of any WACUP work in their own product. Hence it’s probably a somewhat conflicting view point on the code license as going GPL would deal with that.

Finally I just to give an update on when the next beta build is going to be made available. My plan had been for the first or second week of January but we can see that’s not happened.

I’ve now changed it to be within the first 2 weeks of February as there’s some external (non-WACUP) related matters I need to deal with as well as some issues (including a few long standing ones) that some of the other changes (as covered in the changelog shown in the prior update) have caused some aspects to become unstable in my testing. This mainly relates to the live patching changes which I’ve waited a bit before I go back over and make sure that I’ve applied them directly in the correct manner.

This is why new beta requests since December have not yet been actioned (I did message those who’d made requests up to Christmas that they should get access in early January which obviously has now not happened and moved to February). My apologies about this but at this point, there’s not much benefit from reports of issues against the current beta build when the in-progress one has or will resolve the issues that have already been reported.

That’s it for this combined update post which for the amount of time probably isn’t the most productive but that’s just how it goes sometimes due to external factors and some issues just taking a lot of time to get resolved (as the two and a bit weeks worth of work on the Taskbar Integration plug-in has shown).

Until next time, happy Winamping!



  1. Keep up the good work!

    Any news on when us normal mortals can get a first copy of WACUP? No stress. :)

  2. You need to re-read https://getwacup.com/blog/index.php/2018/01/01/week-100-progress-update-farewell-2017-and-hello-2018/ which hints at when that’ll happen :)


  3. Awesome, apologies for not reading all your blogposts thoroughly, but thanks for the pointer. :) (And to help those of you reading this; “at some point during the second quarter of the year.”)

    Looking forward to it!