1. Great Work dro!
    Downloading it right now.

  2. Dro, congratulations. I use joypad to control winamp, I tried all plugins to gamepad control, but the best of all, and what I use everyday is the Winstick, is an external program, but is almost perferct, the only issue is because this program dont has Volume Presets, for instance, press “X” and go to Volume 20, etc press “O” goto Volume 10. I want suggest to you this feature in this plugin, an light update in this plugin. Anyway thank you the updates.

  3. Ahhhh, Winstick support load exes files, then I tried WAcommand (that I use to other things too) to make a Volume Preset, but, Winstick dont support command lines, :(

  4. Tim: Enjoy :)

  5. Julio: Will first just note that WACUP / Winamp 5.666 have all of the functionality of WACommand built into it and more (if you do winamp.exe /? will show all of the command-line options available). Using that, it is possible to make a command-line that would set the volume to a specific level or it could be done via a shortcut (by setting it’s command-line to what’s wanted).

    I was not aware of Winstick (all I seem to be able to find is a winamp plug-in marked as v1.22 which I think is what you’re describing - plug-in + an external exe which took me a dead website @ which can be found on the waybackmachine archive). The code for the plug-in / external exe doesn’t seem to be available which makes it harder to try & somehow patch it (especially as it’s an external process that hooks into the system as a whole - I noticed some of my machine slowing down with it installed) so with that hurdle, I’m not sure what would be viable to do with your request if it’s not able to use custom commands.

  6. Dro, is exactelly this plugin v.1.22 by Yannis, is sad which dont has solution, I really like this external “plugin”, with Volume Preset or Command Line Support, would be perfect, but, anyway, thanks your attention, answer and because you is keeping the winamp.

  7. Maybe might be a possible solution? I’ve not looked at it in over a decade but I remember it being flexible to control things at that time.

  8. Thanks your suggestion, I know about AH, but I use Laptop, I think which have many good things in use gamepad to control Winamp, an essential thing is because gamepads do not turn screen on every time I use some control, using mouse, keyboard or keyboard simulators has this problem, if you use 5 Next Songs, is 5 LCD turned on, I dont know any software which lock laptop screen off, without blicking. You know some solution?

  9. Alas I don’t know of anything else as it’s not something I’ve every needed to do. Though I’m surprised that AH isn’t able to work with a gamepad but it’s not something I know well so maybe it cannot. Maybe something in it’s docs / feature set might indicate if it does or doesn’t. Otherwise I’m not sure what else to suggest as I don’t have a working gamepad anymore (which hasn’t been an issue as I don’t game nowadays).

  10. thanks…

  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further post thanks once again.