Week 7

Apologies that this week’s update is a bit (ok a lot) later than normal as I got a bit carried away coding (along with internet outages tonight) that meant I was running a bit behind on doing this at the actual end of the week (as someone commented to remind me heh).

Things are still progressing (but not as fast I’d like) which is why after I got the comments system working I ended up not doing quite as I’d been planning and instead had a bash at some of the tedious but simpler updates and fixes that can be made to some of the plug-ins that I’m planning on including which is noted in the development changelog I’ve now put up (and is partly why this update is late as I wanted to get most of the changelog completed :o) ).

The development changelog is a bit rough and ready at the moment (so the layout, etc will likely still change) but I thought it’d be handy (and also something nice) to see some of the things that have been done as well as some of the plug-ins that will be included either as additional functionality or as replacements for the native Winamp implementation (some of which I’ve already mentioned).

So most of the work for the week has ended up being doing loading optimisations for some of the plug-ins as well as where possible removing any legacy version handling and if needed re-writing some of the functionality (like with ml_bkmk plug-in and it’s menu integration) so it just does things better ™ :o)

Some of this work has meant moving code from the plug-ins into the loader program as the nature of the loader means that certain lower level hooking that the plug-ins were trying to do can be more easily and also more reliably be done within it than a normal plug-in. It also has the benefit of reducing code duplication between some of the plug-ins which makes things a bit easier to manage.

I have been doing some further research on a few ideas that will start to appear in the updates over the next few weeks. One I can mention (since it already basically exists via the classic artwork plug-in) is that I’m looking to make it’s integration into the library window (see screenshot below - click to enlarge) a bit more flexible and potentially make it possible to integrate something else into it (e.g. a visualisation like Milkdrop) in a manner similar to what the Bento skins offer but allowing for it to be done independently of the skin being used.


The main reason for this is that at least for me I can often have some dead space at the bottom of the library which artwork or anything else could fill so overall screen estate is not being wasted. I’m also considering making it possible to change around the order of the sections so that might make things a bit more flexible for how people may want to use the feature.

I’ve also gotten responses from 2 of the plug-in developers I’d been trying to get a hold off. So there will hopefully be a bit more I can say about that in the coming weeks when source code has been found (which is never a fun task at the best of times).

Otherwise I think that’s about it for this delayed update. I will end with saying that new versions of in_zip (archive playback) and gen_play_remove (playlist file remover) will see work start on updating them soon (next week or two) which I’m mentioning as these have cropped up again in recent requests so I thought it best to provide an update on my plans for them.



  1. whoohoo. Looking good. Excited!