Website Changes & A Thank You

As something to end 2016 and bring in 2017, the new domain for the WACUP project is now all up and running at (after the forced domain change from which in some respects is probably for the best anyway to be more about WACUP).

So everything from the blog to the community forum and to standalone version of the WACUP plug-ins are now available on the new domain.

I also will take the time now to wish everyone a happy new year and hope that 2017 is as good as possible as it can be for you and your friends and families (as 2016 has been a rubbish year for a lot of people, myself included).

And finally, a big thank you for the support, help and everything else that I’ve received over the past year with Winamp and WACUP and other things, you rock!


p.s. Things should get back to normal over the next week or so on blog updates as well as newer beta releases of WACUP for the beta testers (the more the merrier!).


  1. Hey Dro,

    Happy new year and thank you for essentially being the spirit of the winamp community and looking to advance winamp into the next era. I wish you the best 2017 and then on :)

  2. Wow, I’ve used Winamp since the days of Netscape and its amazed me the level of commitment and skill that is shown in the development of this app. Even today it is not only still going, but it is still one of the few apps that works almost perfectly in every way. I can install at work with no admin requirements and it’s working perfectly - its still got an incredibly light footprint and to date, one of the easiest and most functional software applications I’ve ever used …. Keep it up Dev team!!! awesome work! Real irony, as soon as someone from work saw it a load of the team recognised and then installed it too ….

  3. Where are you DrO?

  4. I’m still here and I’m still working on things, just time & focus due to ‘real life’ issues has meant I’ve not gotten around to updating the blog. shows there have been a few closed beta builds released so far in 2017. I’ve got another closed beta build in the works & just need to fix a few remaining issues before it’s released.

    I’ve also got my notes from what has been done so I’m trying to decide what to do with that to fill in the missing weekly blog posts (seems like it’s around 15 I’ve missed :( ).


  5. Thanks