Crystal Classic Skins Plug-in v2.0

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I can announce the release of Crystal Classic Skins Plug-in v2.0 for use with the patched Winamp 5.666 release. The plug-in was originally developed by Ioannis Epaminonda (aka TazDevil) who has very kindly allowed me to provide a new version of the plug-in with a number of improvements and fixes over the previous v1.3 release.

The purpose of this plug-in is to provide window opacity (transparency) support for Winamp classic skins just like the Winamp modern skins have had native support off for years. So with this plug-in installed, classic and modern Winamp skins are now effectively equal with their support of this feature (as it was never fair for classic skins to not get such support).

So please enjoy this updated plug-in, thank Ioannis (TazDevil) for allowing this update and please do report any issues if you find them (or use the comments section below).



  1. Great work. I imagine a lot of skinners would be happy about this.

  2. Fantastic. Looking forward to installing it.

  3. Nice job!
    Added to plugins I use :)
    (also, there will be a Polish translation for this)

  4. Pete: Not sure it’s something that’ll make skinners happy. It would be having proper transparency support in the actual drawing that would likely be more welcome (which would fully equate to modern skin support). As it is possible to simulate that sort of transparency by blocking out some parts of the skin (main window and maybe one or more of the native windows) but it doesn’t allow for nice blending.

    Tim H: Enjoy :)

    Pawel: Thanks (though Ioannis is the main one to thank for having made it so that I could then update it now) and hopefully I’ve got the translation of things fully done. Am sure you’ll let me know if i’ve missed anything :)

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