Here you can download the current WACUP (Winamp Community Update Project) Preview build from January 28 2019 which is a snapshot of the work being done on WACUP with the intention to update it on average once a month until WACUP is finally out of initial beta testing.

If you are interested in getting more involved and using newer builds than are provided then you may consider becoming a beta tester.

As this is pre-release software there can be issues which can be reported in the preview discussion forum with all applicable information about how the issue happened and most importantly how to reproduce it so it can be fixed - your help is what makes the software better.

Download WACUP
Preview v1.0.1.3276

Changelog: January 28 2019
Preview Forum Thread: view here
Filesize: 9.18 MiB (9625111 bytes)
SHA256: 0865170CFEFC35DC68F825E7B05D55B158D16B5923E348FCAE0DB1D366B76E03

It is best to install the WACUP beta into a separate directory from your existing Winamp install (if applicable) which the installer will inform you about. Later on it will be supported to install WACUP over the top of an existing Winamp 5.66/5.666 install without issue.

Note: Redistribution on alternative sites is not permitted and instead you should link to this page.

Supporting WACUP: There are a number of ways to support this project be it financially or otherwise.

Install requirements:

Windows 7 is the minimum version of Windows supported as despite the patched Winamp 5.666 release being able to work on Windows XP, due to the end of life of Windows XP, there's no sensible reason to spend time on such an old operating system. Plus I suspect that the people who are still using Windows XP are most likely to be running older versions of Winamp so would not consider what is trying to be achieved with WACUP.

A processor (CPU) which has SSE2 support will be required as even though most of the code created for WACUP will not be able to benefit from this processor feature, for certain aspects it will and that is why it's considered a requirement. Additionally some features will try to make use of higher levels of processor features but should gracefully support older systems.