Here you can download the current WACUP Preview build from June 27 2024 which is a snapshot of the work being done. As this is pre-release software there can be issues which can be reported in the preview discussion forum with all applicable information about how the issue happened and most importantly how to reproduce it so it can be fixed - your help is what makes the software better.

If you are looking for the prior preview build (v1.99.15.19320) then it can for now still be found here though you really should be reporting issues against this build so it can be resolved & a newer preview build provided to resolve those issues :)

Download WACUP
Full Preview Build
v1.99.16.19516 (x86)

Changelog: June 27 2024 (changes shown are compared to v1.99.15.19320)
Preview Forum Thread: view here
Known Issues: view here
Filesize: 8.7 MiB (9126359 bytes)
SHA256: 5EA583A670D2CB1DD5D8A304B0D0764F08C378C155B02B92A221C6046147144E
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Installer Notes: It is best to install the WACUP preview into a separate directory (if applicable) which the installer will inform you about as applicable. The installer provides a number of options depending on if there are prior installs present or not as well as the means to create portable installs.

Supporting WACUP: There are a number of ways to support this project be it financially or otherwise. So if you like it then please do let others know about WACUP :)

Install requirements:

Windows 7 is the minimum version of Windows supported as this is a reasonable base level to support despite it & other versions of Windows having gone end of life versus development resources available (aka just myself).

A processor (CPU) which has SSE2 support will be required as even though most of the code created for WACUP will not be able to benefit from this processor feature, for certain aspects it will and that is why it's considered a requirement.

A working internet connection is required to allow the WACUP installer to download the Winamp 5.666 patched installer on your behalf or you can pre-download a copy of the Winamp 5.666 patched installer & place that in the same folder as the WACUP installer. Please note that some aspects which are selected in the installer may not be installed if there is no working internet connection though it shouldn't prevent the WACUP installer from continuing as long as the Winamp 5.666 patched installer is available to allow the WACUP installer to get the core files needed.

Note: When WACUP no longer has any core requirements for the Winamp 5.666 exe / plug-ins then an offline version of the WACUP installer will eventually be made available as it's not really viable for them to be included in the WACUP installer due to the fun of licensing even if it's related to an abandoned release of software.

False Positive Issues:

If you're having issues with downloading & running the WACUP installer due to it being blocked by your anti-virus / malware protection software then please see here for more information about commonly seen false positive detections & how you can resolve the issue if you're happy that it is a false positive (e.g. allowing it to be run & to gain the trust needed to allow it through such checks).

Alternatively there's numerous ways to contact me & let me know about the issue or have a chat to answer any questions you might have about the safety of using WACUP.