Not So YASAPI Output Plug-in v1.1

This is an output plug-in which uses WASAPI which is the preferred output method on recent versions of Windows.

This is a modified release of the Yet Another (WA)SAPI Output plug-in originally provided by Peter Belkner. This version has been provided to allow for better integration with the Winamp v5.66x releases as well as providing changes which the original author (rightfully so) does not feel is warranted or needed for the plug-in, hence this modified release of it.

If you have any issues or suggestions with this modified release of the plug-in, do not make any attempt to report them to the original author (as per his very direct and clear instructions on the matter) and report them instead via here.

Important Note: This is marked as a beta release at this time as the modifications and different compiler used to build it may cause the plug-in to behave differently from the original release so any feedback related to testing this modified release is appreciated.

Download Not So

Filesize: 148.11 KiB (151665 bytes)
SHA256: A0073CEDBB46C63B2EDF13DF7AD1591A7E44348B1728D8C28CFC4BBEC97C5D71
Requirements: Winamp 5.66 / 5.666 (patched release preferred), Windows 7 and newer

Get Source Code

The source code is provided under the GPLv3 as per the original license of the source code. It is provided as-is with all changes applied over the top of the existing source code (note: some filenames have been changed to avoid conflict with the original source code release). The Winamp 5.55 SDK as well as some of the newer Winamp 5.666 header files from here are required to build this release.


These are the changes between the official release provided by Peter Belkner and this modified release (v1.1):