Crystal Classic Skins Plug-in v2.1

This provides window opacity (transparency) support for Winamp classic skins just like the Winamp modern skins.

This is an updated release of the general purpose plug-in (gen_classic.dll) originally developed by Ioannis Epaminonda (aka TazDevil) and updated to work with the patched Winamp 5.666 release (any 5.66 / 5.666 release is supported with this update though the patched release is preferred). It was created to provide window opacity (transparency) support for Winamp classic skins to match the support that is natively provided for Winamp modern skins.

The main features of this plug-in are:

Download Crystal
Classic Skins v2.1

Filesize: 134.26 KiB (137488 bytes)
SHA256: DCE156A1E29E50D78B985553D97DF72E25768368D1FE211233B2F65A8D9A9C74
Requirements: Winamp 5.66 / 5.666 (patched release preferred), Windows XP and newer


These are the changes from v2.01 to v2.1:

These are the changes between the last release (v1.3) provided by Ioannis Epaminonda (aka TazDevil) and this updated release (v2.01):


The preferences page for the plug-in, showing all of the options available.

Plug-in Preferences Page

The 'Window Settings' menu which allows for quick setting of the window opacity level.

Window Settings Menu

The custom opacity dialog for changing per-window or global opacity levels.

Custom Opacity Dialog