Big Clock Plug-in v1.03

This provides a time display window with a number of modes from the current elapsed time to the time of day in a large font which makes it easy to see (e.g. when DJing).

This is an updated release of the general purpose plug-in (gen_nxsbigclock.dll) which was previously updated by Sebastian Pipping and which was originally developed by Saivert. This updated release now works correctly with the patched Winamp 5.666 release (any 5.66 / 5.666 release is supported with this update though the patched release is preferred) in addition to recent versions of Windows (which allows it's settings to be correctly saved!).

Download Big
Clock v1.03

Filesize: 131.16 KiB (134316 bytes)
SHA256: 119393F469267C4E5A7A3F452D1B89AD336359249A33C34FE5B4123916E004A2
Requirements: Winamp 5.66 / 5.666 (patched release preferred), Windows 7 and newer

Download Source

Filesize: 167.11 KiB (171126 bytes)
SHA256: EF0A7B90E57E2933625CD001D4896D5279C683B87CC21F9895BB015D91169A82

This source code bundle is provided under the GPLv2 as per the original license of the source code. It is provided as-is with all changes applied over the top of the existing source code (note: the v0.5 source code is provided in the included gen_nxsbigclock_05_setup.exe which includes everything provided with the v0.5 release). The Winamp 5.55 SDK as well as some of the newer Winamp 5.666 header files from here are required to build this release.


These are the changes between the last release provided by Sebastian Pipping (v0.5) and this updated release (v1.03):


The settings menu (also available via the Preferences -> Plug-ins -> General Purpose page allows for configuring which mode is displayed (which can also be changed with a single click) as well as other customisation options..

Window Settings Menu