Version: 1.0-draft

Last Updated: 22 February 2017

However much we try to do things correctly and implement bug free code that works as expected and wanted, some things may end up not meeting that. So the aim of this (hopefully) small document is to note all known issues within the Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP) which are either known about and are planned to be fixed at a later time or those that cannot be fixed due to fundamental issues preventing a fix (i.e. due to native Winamp code)

File Associations & Shell Integration Preferences

Library Playlists Plug-in (ml_playlists.dll)

JTFE Main Playlist Queue Highlighting

ML Enqueue and Play (ml_enqplay.dll)

Module Decoder (in_mod.dll)

vgmstream Decoder (in_vgmstream.dll)

Skinned Preferences (gen_prefs_skin.dll)

Streaming Url Processor (in_url.dll)

Preferences Window

Secondary Stage Setup Window

Localisation Support

Web Links

Uninstall Information Overwritten

Visualisation Plug-ins