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General Discussion / Re: So.... Winamp 5.8 Beta was leaked
« on: December 05, 2018, 05:56:09 AM »
WACUP > <that> 🤣


I'm just 'flabberguested' by the whole thing. Can't understand they took this course. Could at least have geared up, join forces or something like that. They should be happy someone like you has kept this project alive. Its because of you the true fans had something they could go on with. I hope this is some corporate shitstorm, can't imagine this had anything to do with the original Nullsoft spirit. Correct me when wrong. I'm not going for the new Winamp unless they appologize to you and the rest of the community who kept the lama alive.

Had to said it.

General Discussion / Re: Winamp 2018
« on: August 29, 2018, 07:17:11 PM »
I guess I need to try & make sure I don't do anything to break that online services plug-in (though it's not something that the WACUP installer is going to be installing but it's easy enough to obtain it from the redux installer).


It is a fun gimmick around to have... ;)

General Discussion / Re: Winamp 2018
« on: August 29, 2018, 09:09:14 AM »
Ey there. Have you replaced those online services with similar stuff on other websites? Sharing them could be handy =)

Onlines services sadly was one of those things that if it had taken traction could have been so much better than what it was. With what was offered, it relied upon whoever was providing the service to make use of in-winamp hooks so that the integration of clicking links, etc could work without it opening in an external browser (as the post-sale shoutcast view now does).

So technically there's nothing to stop anyone making a new service (one of the things for the 5.66x releases was making it possible to manually add services if wanted if the main website went away - as happened). The big issue is there wasn't too much documentation on how to do it & a lack of interest in general now.


Been adding a few idea's (R-Rated for 'pornhub' ;))

Easiest way to import all of them at once is to choose 'import file' by rightclicking the services in medialibrary

Import all the .ini's at once (select all) and choose 'open.'

Here's the archive containing the .ini files (Attached as well.)

Attached is a screenshot of the options I'm implementing along with it being in the default states choosen based on your feedback.

Feedback, etc are still welcome whilst I'm still coding this & making some additional installer changes to better fit in with the modes needed (as silent install testing hasn't seen that much testing done on it).


I think it's most perfect now, it will fit every user's needs. I'm looking forward to some new testing. I'm planning to do double-testing; one installed winamp and one running portable on a external thumb drive. I'm planning to test it among with 10+ plugins (some most forgotten by most.. :))

General Discussion / Smooth +++
« on: November 27, 2017, 03:15:04 AM »
Been unable to test for a while due too personal circumstances, but finally could pick up where I left.

The installation of the WACUP runs like a charm. It's probably one of the most stable setups you can get, you've done an incredible job so far.
I did run into a few problems shortly after the installation. But I didnt make a topic on the Beta discussion because it didnt took me long to find out
those minor issues occured by other not-WACUP related stuff.

For instance: I didnt got my Shoutcast stream up and running anymore. It connected, did all you would except it to do. But whatever I tried, the
audio output kept akwardly silent. After a long puzzling adventure the problem came from new Shoutcast settings (the AAC codec must be selected
in the configuration of streamer application, and MP3 as codec. Last time I used it the AAC option wasnt even build. I use B.U.T.T. opensource
for streaming livecasts (Broadcast).

The second flaw occured at Milkdrop visualization. One of the plugins I use a lot so that didnt make my day at first. It just refused to start giving
some error message about video drivers on my system probably needed updating. But the Intel drivers were perfectly up to date, according to Intel.
I could open the configuration of Milkdrop, just not hitting the start button. I decided googling on it first for a while, and after some time it
found the solution for me. Some forum post suggested to turn of the Pixel Shading option in the second screen of configuration (see screenshot).
Ironic part is that this is one of the few option labeled with ''DO NOT TOUCH THIS'' ...

To make it more challenging I started adding plugins I used a lot, including very very old ones (late '90's as last edited for some). Most focussed
on even more options as it comes to handling the playlist. I am still adding more external plugins to see what happens. More details on that next time.

So far, with various external plugins running... it runs like an unbreakable diesel, I am impressed. Deeply.

I've added my support on Patreon. It would be an honor if my nickname and miniblog were embeded in the winamp preferences

nick: n8wachT

To be honest, I hate 'auto-updates' .. all of them :')

But in this case I think the trust I have in your opinion on this (what would be best for the project) is big enough to set those anti-feelings off.

Other option would be to let the user semi-decide. Like automaticly downloading the update enabled, and actual setup when user wants.

General Discussion / Re: Hello.
« on: November 15, 2016, 01:27:18 AM »
I think you are right. It was one of the first massive visited community fora where user reviewing (especially on the plugin and AVS development)
took a huge step forward. And look how much extra stuff it got. Even now there are occasionaly a few new AVS packs that pop up. And now there
is this fantastic concept...!

I missed the first beta but are now looking into the second release  ;D (after backing up every single piece of Winamp how it runs now)

General Discussion / Re: Hello.
« on: November 15, 2016, 01:13:52 AM »
So just something to keep in mind incase things don't work right after installing them (primarily settings not being remembered or getting odd crashes / error messages).


Thats why I also mentioned keeping a up to date virusscanner running on the background. Most of the stuff you probably are better of by not using it, but
its great fun to browse around the directories a bit. Nostalgic twinkeling  :)

General Discussion / Re: Hello.
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:10:57 PM »
I still have my Dropbox folder with every (probably just most) of the Winamp plugins DrO released.

I'm probably just as big of a fan like you (seems the place to be out here ;))

Couple of weeks ago I bumped into someone who shared his opendirectory- containing a snapshot
of everything Winamp, just before Nullsoft pulled the plug. I have this feeling you might enjoy browsing
around these directories. I already mirrored it to an external drive- in case the server wouldnt hold.

Just one thing: make sure you have an updated anti-virus running on the background. I had a few
positives. Nothing dangerous, more like some old-skool PUP-ware (and a couple false positives).
But better safe than sorry right, ready?.... The screenshot below gives an idea of how the plugin folder
looks. Have phun!

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