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Well, it's good if maybe there is any workaround for the CUE Player v.0.57c to work. It crashes just opening its config tabs in the settings.
In fact, this non-working Cue plugin, inability to run folders from bookmarks and in-existing or context menus are the only 3 issues still holding on original Winamp for "daily using :D" and, as I understand, running folders from bookmarks is going to be the first improvement of these 3.

Regarding the "directly done in the appropriate formats" - in fact, this v.0.57c works Okay for MP3, FLAC, APE, so regardless the formats, as least for these three. Yes, it's a little bit buggy sometimes, but still the favorite, comparing to other Cue plugins I've tried (I think I've checked all of them :D).

So, keep staying tuned to test further updates with any of these points mentioned above improved/added ;)

You probably mean the markers inside WAVs, which the apps like Sound Forge could embed ? Because I see nothing in the wf seeker, running a music file with the same name Cue file in the same folder. Anyway, by cue support I mean normal tracklist in the Playlist, like it is with CUE Player v.0.57c, like AIMP does natively, etc.

To be honest, If AIMP had implemented the same nice bookmarks functionality as Winamp has and if they had created a "Winamp -> AIMP bookmarks converter" for it - I would move to AIMP log time ago, to stop using a player which requires some crutches for standard Cue support, the original Winamp developers ignored this for so long time. I've investigated this possibility on AIMP forum more than 6-7 years ago, but nobody cares there. Moreover, there is no possibility to bookmark folders in AIMP still, as far as I know,. But if they had realized that, it would be very nice option to move Winamp users to their player, but...
If there are plans for more or less native Cue support in WACUP - there will be no need to think about AIMP, Foobar, etc. :)

1) Okay, good to know ;)

2) Hmm, I didn't found CUE Player v.0.57c buggy, maybe just few rare minor issues when the Winamp position bar lost it's correct position. Anyway, tried some other Cue plugins on Winamp, but left this CUE Player v.0.57c for using until today. However, it was so long time ago, that can't remember what exactly I didn't like in other Cue plugins.
Also it doesn't have any installer, it's just 2 DLL's zipped. If someone could recommend well working alternative to CUE Player v.0.57c- I would be happy to test it on WACUP.

3) Great, so this could be expected someday as well.

General Discussion / Bookmarks don't play folders (as original Winamp does)
« on: December 01, 2019, 11:10:01 PM »
Hello, I'm a Winamp user for many years and in fact the 5.8 version is Okay for me, except the bug with remembering set app windows positions (main window, playlist, media library). Recently I've found WACUP, which seems to be doesn't have this issue.

However, the main problems I've found in WACUP so far (I listen music only, I don't use other Winamp functionality):

1) I have few hundreds items in the Bookmarks and there are either m3u/m3u8 files, or *.cue files or just folders. The WACUP problem is it doesn't play folders from Bookmarks menu :( Is it a bug or a limitation of WACUP ?

2) I have lots of Bookmarks to *.cue files and in original Winamp I use old good plugin CUE Player v.0.57c, which is still working in the 5.8. However, WACUP crashes if I run any *.cue file, placing the in_cue.dll and in_cue.ini from the 5.8 plugins folder to the WACUP plugins folder. Is there any way to run this plugin in WACUP ? Or any other working solution for *.cue files ?

3) No file associations, however I read on the WACUP fb page that it's in progress.

4) No context menus like Play in WACUP, Add to WACUP Bookmarks and other Winamp standard context menus.

Thanks for any help or info for the above.

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