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It works now without popup - great :)

But when i delete all files form playlist (using File Remover hotkey), the last file is still played, even if it does not exist on disc.
It would be great if Wacup stop playing.

Also i testing i had 2 times errors like in attachment. If i deleted quickly files using hotkeys.


When WACUP is playing in background, i sometimes use hotkey to delete current playing file (using File Remover option in settings).
After a while i can see many popups with info which files was deleted - i attach print-screen.

In settings, on File Remover option i have only two settings "on":
- More Options - Allow files to be deleted or moved on removal
- Hotkey Support - Enable hotkey....

Can i turn off these popups from the print-screen?

Thank you for your work - its great! :)

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