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Your screenshot is of a much older version of the plug-in than is currently available (which was last updated in 2013).

I had started on making a minor updated build of the plug-in back in 2017 (how time flies) as it's not portable happy & was looking to bring it up to spec with more recent winamp builds.

I'll have to get back on to finishing it sooner rather than later 👍


Preview Build Discussion / Re: WACUP won't start
« on: January 14, 2019, 05:34:45 PM »
If that doesn't help then I'd remove the install & reinstall wacup just by using it's installer as it handles the 5.666 install for you.

Also when it's running in the background, is it showing as using any processor time ?

And to double check, it was downloaded from the wacup site & not somewhere else like ?


Preview Build Discussion / Re: Public release installation error
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:49:22 AM »
Sunspots & random stuff from space is my normal reason for such things. I've added a small tweak to the installer going forward that better ensures the code is in a known state but I think we'll just have to put this one down to an unlucky experience.


Preview Build Discussion / Re: Public release installation error
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:26:45 PM »
It might be something to do with the anti-virus/malware protection you're using. As the patching process works on a temporary file & then copies it to replace the original file but something has blocked that replacement step from happening - why I honestly don't know as the installer running means it's been given the appropriate permissions.


Preview Build Discussion / Re: Public release installation error
« on: January 10, 2019, 01:51:17 PM »
The file ending in patched isn't a guaranteed working dll so renaming it isn't necessarily go to fix the issue & is likely to cause more problems.

Are you deselecting anything during the install process like modern skin support perhaps ? Either way I need some more info on the exact steps needed to replicate this issue please.


Skins / Re: Big Bento Modern - final release v1.13
« on: January 08, 2019, 04:01:12 PM »
Just drop the additional mode support for non-wacup installs ;)


Skins / Re: Vortex 1.04 release candidate
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:07:15 PM »
From a quick test it appears to work ok in normal usage but I've not tried everything (tested under WACUP).

First thing is that it's still saying 1.02 on the about part of the preferences that appears on first loading.

The second is that I'm finding it impossible to see a distinction between the selected & un-selected state of the radio buttons on the 'smooth skin' part of the skin preference. They do behave but the visual indication just isn't there (is first time I've had this skin in my install so studio.xnf shouldn't be an issue).


General Discussion / Re: Latest Blog Post (Last updated 7th January 2019)
« on: January 07, 2019, 11:50:03 PM »
*wasn't all that bumpy after all*

Skins / Re: Big Bento Modern - final release v1.13
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:10:26 PM »
The missing minus will be fixed for the next build of my skin.
Its also going to need a WACUP update to help get the hh:mm:ss case working correctly. As there's a bug in gen_ff where only if the number of hours in the longer format is zero that you see a minus symbol (it counts down correctly but will miss the minus off what's output & isn't something the skin can fix afaik).


Skins / Re: Big Bento Modern - final release v1.13
« on: January 05, 2019, 03:21:18 AM »
Hmm, the classic skin vis options shouldn't be having any effect on modern skin settings...


To use it you'll need to go to Preferences -> Playback -> Play Tracking -> Discord tab & enable the mode.

Finally, within Discord, you'll need to go to Settings -> Games and with WACUP already running, manually "add it" as a 'game'. This might seem odd and is because we're using something not really intended for this, it will show as 'game' instead of 'listening' on your profile (there's nothing obvious I can do to change this it seems).

Things to note:

The updates are not 'live' and there's up to a 15 second delay on status changes appearing. This is controlled by the Discord api so depending upon when an update is sent from the plug-in to Discord, it might appear within a few seconds or you might have to wait up to the full 15 seconds (which is done as a means to deal with rapid updates that could be annoying or not helpful).

If you don't like the default choice of images used by WACUP on your profile, you can create your own via Discord's application process & then get WACUP to use your app_id instead of the WACUP app_id.

So with WACUP closed (note it must be otherwise it may not be seen correctly), copy the attached test build of the plug-in into the Plugins folder, then find your settings folder and within the [gen_yule] section of your winamp.ini file add a discord_app_id=xxx line to it where xxx is your registered discord app_id.

After that, start WACUP & you should see if using your Discord app details instead of what was provided.

To go back to the default handling, with WACUP closed, remove discord_app_id=xxx line and start using WACUP again :)

The image asset ids you need to setup to work with the WACUP plug-in are logo, play, pause & stop (all of which should be self explanatory on what they do).


Skins / Re: Big Bento Modern - final release v1.13
« on: January 04, 2019, 02:37:52 PM »
I've just double-checked from my side & the latest BBM files I was given to ship should be being installed (git vs clean install is showing identical BBM files).

Maybe it's something about the sizing of the window that's still causing the issue? (best I can think off from the partial screenshots)


Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: Support for lossless radio streaming
« on: December 31, 2018, 05:26:03 PM »
and A Happy New Year
and to you too :)

I should have put some money on Absolute Radio being on the list of streams (they've had a thing for doing Ogg Flac streams for years).

I've got plans as our current FLAC plug-in has no streaming support & even the FLAC plug-in from 5.666 (which we no longer use) only did raw FLAC streaming & not Ogg + Flac streams from what I remember which is what would be needed in this instance. I just haven't progressed as fast as I'd have liked to doing it yet as I'd like to commonly handle the Ogg encapsulated formats when it comes to streaming so that something based off my Ogg Vorbis stream handling can then be used for Ogg+Flac.

Will see what comes over the next few months as the streaming support in general needs to be improved :)


Preview Build Discussion / Known Reported Public Preview Build Issues
« on: December 31, 2018, 04:54:36 PM »
Here you'll find listed any common / obvious issues that are known to crash the specific WACUP preview builds noted below (either prior to or after a preview release has been released).

You can also check out the known issues page ( which is a more general summary about things that maybe work in an undesired manner (due to native Winamp design) or are intentionally known to not be working due to in-progress development changes as part of the preview development.

v1.0.0.3174 (Jan 2 2019)
  • The main playlist will not scroll the currently playing item into view on track change &/or highlight the currently playing item. This is bug related to changing the spacebar to pause/un-pause playback by default.

    Going to Preferences -> Playlist -> Change the 'spacebar action' to 'Scroll the current playlist item into view' will get the expected behaviour back. The handling with the default action (to pause/un-pause) is fixed for the next build.

  • Some installs may complain about not being able to patch timer.w5s when installing WACUP. The cause of this is currently under investigation.


It happened at last, after almost 3 years of work, the first public preview build of WACUP has been released as can be downloaded from

If you are an existing beta tester then it's recommended to keep using the beta builds unless you prefer to move to a slower cadence of build updates. As of this initial release the only difference between beta & preview is to do with the update process where beta builds update to beta builds & preview builds update to preview &/or final builds depending on what is provided at the time.

The preview builds will aim to be updated roughly once a month (subject to the nature of any issues & IRL) whilst beta builds will hopefully still be being updated every 1-2 weeks.

If you are interested in getting more involved and using newer builds than are provided then you may consider becoming a beta tester & just need to drop me ("dro") a PM (personal message) on this forum to be considered.

More information about the build will follow... :)


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