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Title: Last.fm scrobbler info
Post by: Dr.Flay on June 30, 2020, 08:34:23 AM
General notes for Last.fm scrobbler users

Ignore the new Last.fm scrobbler as it does not have a winamp plugin, or support the old one.
The old legacy scrobbler (v2.1.37) works fine but will install the plugin to Winamp plugins folder not WACUP.
It will be named either "gen_wa2_scrobbler.dll" or "ml_wa2_scrobbler.dll" (no idea why it varies but on my Win10 PC it has the "gen" prefix, and on the Win7 PC has the "ml" prefix).
Move it to the WACUP plugin folder and it will work.

Now importantly you need to update the OpenSSL libs to current secure versions.
You need branch 1.0.2 which is currently on life support phase, so expect updates to end soon.
You will want an x86 32bit build.
Copy the 2 DLL files to the last.fm program folder and overwrite the old ones.
Title: Re: Last.fm scrobbler info
Post by: dro on June 30, 2020, 09:34:32 PM
The gen_wa2_scrobbler.dll vs ml_wa2_scrobbler.dll aspect is a historical thing based on the install type (i.e. whether the media library is installed or not) & also for some setups due to how dll loading worked which could vary especially if using FAT32 vs NTFS which altered which dlls got loaded.

Often that meant the ml version was more likely to hook things correctly compared to the gen version (especially with catching playback started early on in loading) but most of what led to that was resolved with later Winamp versions where 3rd party plug-ins were changed to be loaded after the native plug-ins which for the most part negates needing to use one version over the other.

Title: Re: Last.fm scrobbler info
Post by: Dr.Flay on July 01, 2020, 03:30:12 AM
Thanks for the clarification.
Personally I think it is better added to the general section anyway, as it has no config to change and it does not add anything to the media library, or interact with it.
Title: Re: Last.fm scrobbler info
Post by: Traveller on August 08, 2020, 03:59:51 PM
Hi, I have struggled over a year trying to get the Last.fm legacy scrobbler to work with Winamp 5, and after futile attempsts, I have now installed the latest WACUP, but I can't get the Last.fm legacy plugin to function, because I don't have clear, precise and easy to follow instructions, how to do this. I found and copied the legacy plugin into WACUP "Plugins" directory, which in my Windows 10, was named "ml_wa2_scrobbler.dll" (in the WInamp 5 plugin folder.)
But the next part I don't understand...

Could you please clarify the exact procedure for updating the SSL libaries.
These notes you gave are unfortunately are too vague to follow - at least for me...
So, here are my questions:

1) What exactly am I suppose to download: On the web link you provided, (https://wiki.openssl.org/index.php/Binaries),
There are 5 different packs named "OpenSSL for Windows"... - Which one of these am I supposed to download, and what do I do then?

2.) Is there an installation EXE or MSI I would need to run in order to install the required SSL libraries?

3.) Which *.dll files I am supposed to copy, from where, and into which folder(s) these need to be copied?

Many thanks in advance, for any help will be greatly appreciated!

P.S: My O/S is Windows 10 64-bit build 2004.
Title: Re: Last.fm scrobbler info
Post by: dro on August 09, 2020, 12:29:46 AM
Before even trying to update supporting dlls on the last.fm client, does the plug-in even show as loaded in WACUP?

It'll be listed either under preferences -> plug-ins -> media library or general purpose (depending on what you've copied & what you WACUP install is like).

If it is then you also need to be sure that the last.fm program does run normally otherwise the plug-in being loaded won't be able to do anything (from memory it's meant to be automatically started by the plug-in but that sometimes fails).

If the plug-in isn't loaded or not showing at all (e.g. there's no media library prefs list) then either rename it to the gen version or report back with what error is being reported.

Title: Re: Last.fm scrobbler info
Post by: Dr.Flay on August 09, 2020, 02:33:56 AM
If the plugin loads then the last.fm client should open if it is not already.

Make sure you have logged into Last.fm in the desktop client.

Any of those OpenSSL alternatives should work as long as it is the correct branch.
For example go to the first option
Here there is light and full versions. Full is for developers so you want the light version of 1.0.2.
This version is distributed as an installer which will offer to install to the system or a folder. It contains more files than you will need, so install to a temp folder you can delete afterwards if you don't need to update other programs that use the same branch.
Copy the 2 DLLs into the folder with the last.fm program in it.