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NOTE: Beta testers are added in a limited & subjective manner as I can only support so many people as part of the beta test program to keep it useful for my needs.

Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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Sure thing. The first one shows what the format output is with ATF turned on, and the second shows what it is with ATF turned off. Not sure if it makes a difference but I also included a screenshot of my title settings in SNESamp.

After some more experimenting, I found that it does save its settings, kind of. The plugin saves and reads its settings from the plugins.ini file in the %APPDATA%/Roaming/WACUP/Plugins folder, but it doesn't seem to recognize all of the settings between sessions. For example, even with "Loop Forever=1" present in the .ini, the plugin won't maintain keeping it toggled on when closing and reopening WACUP.

The version I'm using is the last official release 0.851. The source is is still up on the plugin's website:

Thanks Gordon Freeman for pointing that out with NSFPlug. I tried it with both the latest stable and beta versions and while it technically works, the .m3u playlists are formatted incorrectly and only populate using the plugin's Title Format settings rather than the tag information present in NSFe files. I've submitted a report to the NSFPlug dev about it, so hopefully they can correct that eventually.


I've encountered a bug with WACUP build #6800 (and earlier) when using some legacy plugins, in particular the NSF player NotSo Fatso (I prefer this plugin to NSFPlay because of its "Shadow to Playlist" feature.) The plugin itself has proper functionality as expected, but any changes made to the settings within the plugin are not persistent and will reset whenever WACUP is closed. This seems to affect any plugins that would normally save to the plugin.ini file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\WACUP\Plugins directory. Modifying this file manually does not change these settings in WACUP, either.


I have encountered a bug in WACUP build #6800 (and earlier) in regards to SPC archives, or .RSN files. When attempting to open these files, they will appear in the playlist with the filename, and "(contains ## valid files)" appended to it. The individual songs are not expanded into the playlist and the file is not playable. Renaming the file to .ZIP makes the individual songs appear in the playlist as expected, but renaming a full collection of .RSN to .ZIP seems rather extreme to fix this issue.


I've encountered a bug with WACUP #6800 (and earlier) involving the tags for SPC files. It seems that the ATF setting overwrites the ID666 tags in both the playlist and the File Info section. Disabling it corrects the problem with SPC files in playlists, but the File Info window is still incorrect, and obviously it isn't ideal to disable ATF universally for a problem with one file format.

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