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NOTE: Beta testers are added in a limited & subjective manner as I can only support so many people as part of the beta test program to keep it useful for my needs.

Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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Hi, first of all, sorry for my terrible english, I'm from Spain.

Yesterday I installed WACUP for the first time; I usually used "classic" Winamp but I like to try "new" things ;)

I added my OneDrive music folders to the Media Library as I already did on my classic Winamp. But I can see that these folders do not appear in the library window.

If I copy some folder to another local location and then add it to the media library it works perfectly.

I need this functionality... I have all my music collection on OneDrive, I don't want to copy it to local :(

Thank you very much :)

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