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Implemented Requests / Re: Play Streams In OGG And FLAC
« on: May 15, 2022, 02:44:07 AM »
Installed it from where ? There is a vorbis plug-in part of WACUP that does what you want as my screenshot showed. DO NOT USE THE PLUG-IN FROM WINAMP OR OLD EXTERNAL COPIES OF IT!

The installed one does not work I like the older version of Winamp better any way I guess I will stick to this one. 

Implemented Requests / Re: Play Streams In OGG And FLAC
« on: May 15, 2022, 01:57:40 AM »
HTTP Ogg Vorbis streams are playable as long as the Vorbis plug-in is installed & enabled (as it should be by default with WACUP). Have attached what I'm seeing with the Alt+3 dialog for the stream link above.

FLAC streaming is a whole different matter as it needs much more bandwidth & from what I remember is often wrapped in an OGG container & that's not something I've yet coded - the whole way I do streaming playback eventually needs to be changed as the mis-match between different plug-ins (mine & the few re-used from 5.666) just don't do what is needed with the modern web.


I just installed the Vorbis pluin on WACUP it will still not play my OGG stream the original version of Winamp the plugin works and is able to play my stream just fine. 

Implemented Requests / Play Streams In OGG And FLAC
« on: May 15, 2022, 12:10:40 AM »
I run a internet radio station I am testing my stream in OGG it would be nice if WACUP would be able to play streams that are OGG and FLAC

Here is the link to my station Phat Beats Radio to test it out

Yes it is I do not like that DSD albums like 4gb to 5gb OGG albums are like 175mb to 250mb 16bit FLAC albums are like 425mb to 600mb

I can have like 30 to 37 albums in OGG for one DSD album

Foobar2000 AIMP and Musicbee can play DSD just fine WACUP can not

WACUP needs to add support for DSD and SACD files I see a lot more people lately on a few Reddit subs and Discord servers looking for DSD and SACD albums time to add support in WAUP.  I think both of these are mega overkill I am fine with my 150k traxx at 500kbps OGG the sound just fine with my computer running into Kenwood KR 5030 reveicer and Polk Audio RT 16 Floor speakers

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