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Ok, I have the other stacker up and running.  Thanks.

Hello,  I just setup a new computer and want to continue using Winamp.  I was aware of the registry/saved settings problem with the enhancer plugin and googled to see if anyone had fixed it.  I found the enhancer "wrapper" but it does not seem to work for me on Windows 10.

I installed Winamp and installed enhancer, muchfx, and pacemaker, which are the 3 plugins that I have been using for more than a decade (they worked fine, but I could not get muchfx to work--I had it working previously on Windows 10).  I must not have read the instructions properly, because I downloaded the wrapper and selected to install "plugin only".


I fixed the problem, it seemed to be another plugin I was using, unrelated to the wrapper.  I have the wrapper up and running now.  My muchfx plugin DOES seem to crash Winamp as soon as you hit the + to add a plugin.  I had it working previously on Windows 10, but that installation was from the old Win7 upgrade.  It doesn't seem to work anymore......oh well.  At least enhancer works. Thanks!

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