Author Topic: Shuffle Not Working For Next Track Button During Playback (With Repeat Enabled)  (Read 680 times)


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FYI, please see the screenshots attached.

If I have both Shuffle and Repeat options enabled, and press 'Next Track' button while the audio file is playing, WACUP goes to the previous track # in the playlist instead of random shuffle. If I stop the track playback, it actually moves to the random track. I've tried using a short playlist (20 tracks) also, no change in behavior.

If the file playback finishes normally, or if the playback is stopped, the shuffle with 'Next Track' button works normally. Or if Repeat option is disabled, shuffle works normally. 'Previous Track' button also has no issues.

I tried with the last two preview builds (July & Sept 2020), same issue occurs. Running on a Windows 10 PC, version 1909.

Thank you
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I'm not seeing this behaviour with my development build though I thought there was an issue like this which I'd fixed back around the time of the prior preview builds (just can't find anything specific in the changelogs from a quick skim).

Only other thing I can think off is it's related to the shuffle handling & there's some changes related to that since the last preview build so all I can suggest for the moment is to wait & see how the next build works once I've got it released.