Author Topic: Smart Views... Cover Art per track view?  (Read 394 times)


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Smart Views... Cover Art per track view?
« on: February 24, 2021, 05:48:43 PM »
So I like to use soundcloud, and I like that the 'likes view' shows each track with cover art..

Sadly, Winamp does not have a view that shows individual tracks with cover art.. only album art, and thus all tracks under that album are sent into the playlist (I thin kthere is an option to not send all the tracks in the medialibrary view into the playlist? but its to much of hassle to switch that around everytime I do want medialibrary sent into the playlist)

Anyway is there a way to get it show the track art, it would at least make up for the playlist view never supporting anything like that..

Currently if I double click a cover art it loads any songs under that album cover art into the playlist..
I'd like to show all tracks with cover art (or just empty square if none) and then if I double click on these tracks it loads the track+ other tracks into the playlist, essentially anytime I want to play a new track I'll double click the track art.. but at least if don't do anything else the playlist will be filled with all the tracks of the smart view, instead of currently if I double click the cover art, it will load only the tracks under that alblum into the playlist.. basically being rubbish.

So when creating a 'Smart View' for the medialibrary, there would be another option for just 'Simple Track' :D

'Simple' view is what I prefer, would be nice if 'Simple' view just had an column to show track art :)

or just a better playlist.. but then I been wanting that for like 15years.

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