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Implemented Requests / Value format in ML columns
« on: December 16, 2018, 12:04:37 PM »
In media library (old and new) number based columns should be right aligned (Year, Tracks, Length, Size).
And values with decimal point (Size) should have fixed decimal places ("#.00 MB").

Rio :)

I have put some thought into the new ml_ll plug-in with how we might be able to define & use custom tags but it's then how to store those values that's the problem

As for the DB have a look at the Entity-Attribute-Value model.
In detail:

As graph:

So maybe you should cosider copying the mapping concept of Mp3Tag:

That way you would be fully felxible with all types of tags (MP3 (ID3), WMA, OGG, ...) and all tag fields - standard or not. You can have the standard tag mappings by default, so it will not need so much memory. Anyone who needs more tags supported can add all the mappings he needs.
I know such a DB is a lot of work - but in the end i guess it could be worth it.

I make use of the folowing ID3V2 tags:

ALBUM   TALB   Standard
ARTIST   TPE1   Standard
COMMENT   COMM   Standard
COMPOSER   TCOM   I used this manly as AUTHOR for audiobooks/audioplays
CONTENTGROUP   TIT1   "Audiobook", "Audioplay", "Music", …
DISCNUMBER   TPOS   Standard; should be used as string to keep values like "02/04"
GENRE   TCON   Standard
LANGUAGE   TLAN   important for filtering audiobooks/audioplays in different languages
MEDIATYPE   TMED   "LP", "CD", "MC", "Web", …
ORIGALBUM   TOAL   for tracks on compilations
ORIGARTIST   TOPE   for remixes or remakes
ORIGYEAR   TDOR   interesting for remastered albums.
PUBLISHER   TPUB   interesting for same audiobook/audioplay storys from different publishers => different interpretation of story
RELEASETIME   TDRL   I use this field for date of live recordings and date of podcast release
SETSUBTITLE   TSST   "Remastered", "Special Edition", …
SUBTITLE   TIT3   "Edit", "Remix", "Live", "Demo", …
TITLE   TIT2   Standard
TRACK   TRCK   Standard; should be used as string to keep values like "03/12"
YEAR   TDRC   Standard

ALBUMARTISTSORT   TSO2   should be used (optional) for sorting tracks in Library and Playlist
ALBUMSORT   TSOA   should be used (optional) for sorting tracks in Library and Playlist
ARTISTSORT   TSOP   should be used (optional) for sorting tracks in Library and Playlist
TITLESORT   TSOT   should be used (optional) for sorting tracks in Library and Playlist

HasAlbumArt      could be useful for filtering files with missing albumart
Path      could be useful for filtering by path

I use Mp3Tag for tagging all my files. Would be nice if WACUP would support some more of these fields. Therefore I gave some hints why these fields are important (to me).

Rio :)

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