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Author Topic: I'm in love w/ Winamp & Wacup and will always be  (Read 2521 times)


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I'm in love w/ Winamp & Wacup and will always be
« on: April 01, 2023, 11:13:22 PM »
but, and this is a serious but: As long as there's no reliable sync between my PC and my Phone possible I'll be looking for sidekicks resp. other solutions to fulfill my desires. As it is in any other relationship.
This is crucial! I'm no IOS/iTunes guy and rather won't be, so Windows and Android it is. I just want to sync my playlist from my PC to my phone. Building playlists on the phone itself is tedious af - you all know that.
I tried several services in the past and am now hanging with MediaMonkey.
My main music driver on my main machine is still Winamp, but...


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Re: I'm in love w/ Winamp & Wacup and will always be
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2023, 04:52:02 AM »
Look in the preferences panel under plugins/Portables
Make sure USB and MTP plugins are enabled.
Connect the phone in normal mass storage mode, and the first time the removable device is seen WACUP should show a popup asking you what to do.
You can force it to show the popup if you click the "configure" button when selecting the USB plugin in the prefs.
It will ask you to select the drive letter the phone is using, and then pressing the "connect drive" button should make the phone now show in the portables section of the media library.
Right-click on the device in the media library to go directly to the settings for that storage device.
The settings include whether you want to automatically sync from playlists or recent files etc.
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Re: I'm in love w/ Winamp & Wacup and will always be
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2023, 09:27:28 PM »
Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Media Library -> ml_pmp.dll (portables support) needs to be enabled from the plug-in list which isn't done by default even if the portable support is installed as most don't need that plug-in (nor it's sub plug-ins aka the pmp_*.dll) & the impact it has.

Doing that & then following what was suggested above should be enough to get things working. However as it's all down to re-using the portables support from 5.666 there may be issues trying to use it & I'm not near starting on making a replacement plug-in.



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Re: I'm in love w/ Winamp & Wacup and will always be
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2023, 05:01:58 PM »
i'm also a huge very LT user of Winamp/Wacup.

Looking forward to the next update, been a long while.... My respect to all the developers working on this project.