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Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: Toaster plugin
« on: July 13, 2024, 03:53:25 PM »
Can I ask roughly what OS aspects have been disabled as I'd have still expected the notification / action area to still be available though am wondering if there's some setting that effectively hard-disables all of that which could explain why it's not working for the few who've reported an issue (which afaict might be related just to win11 setups).

PS i cant believe whats happend with the orginal winamp right now...  ::)
There is no original winamp & imho as that's been dead for just over a decade now (irrespective of restarting desktop development & then ditching everyone over a year ago & then this "source available" mess they announced a few months prior (nothing that afaict would ever help nor be permissive towards WACUP development).

What now calls itself "winamp" is imho just trying to ride on the remaining good will that some have for the brand when they've still got a fixation on nft / crypto related crap to still go into their mobile apps according some details I've seen reported from a video call made ~ a week ago about their "new" creators platform.


Preview Build Discussion / Re: Issues playing Hi-Res WAV
« on: July 08, 2024, 06:22:13 PM »
Try Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Input -> WAV -> check the option at the bottom of that to see if it helps.


General Discussion / Re: When File Associations come..
« on: July 06, 2024, 02:21:55 PM »
For the menus if you go to Preferences -> Appearance -> either un-check the option for skinned menus to be whatever the OS wants to do for them or un-check the common ui font option & pick a lower font size which can lessen their overall sizing & perceived padding due to things being based around the specified font information vs whatever OS text scaling aspects might also be getting involved with the rendering & is an intentional difference vs whatever winamp might've done as wacup is not winamp. is the tool I was trying to remember which'll allow you to do what's needed without having to wait for me to potentially never do it.


Do I assume it was the db clearing option that was used to get it working again?


That's good to know changing the output plug-in worked. I might finally have to consider changing the default output as I'm wondering if some of the other random crash reports I keep seeing might be related to whatever is going on (just a pain I've not been able to replicate it myself so far).


General Discussion / Re: When File Associations come..
« on: July 05, 2024, 10:40:38 AM »
Which menus are bloated or do you mean pref pages for menus ?

File association will be done when I get around to it. It's just not something that I'm offering in the current on-going beta / preview state even though it's already possible to manually associate things via the OS "open with" action or there's a tool by nirsoft that can do it iirc.


Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: Toaster plugin
« on: July 03, 2024, 04:21:58 PM »
The Preferences -> General -> "Windows 10 | 11" page now has a basic OS implemented option that'll use it to show a toast notification. It's not like the old toaster plug-in but is something vs nothing. How well it'll work or meet expectations is down to individual use (assuming it works & isn't being blocked by the OS). Am still undecided if a more dedicated plug-in will be coded.


It's a wishlist forum so it doesn't mean a) I'm ever going to do it & b) I've never expressed a timescale for when I might do things if I were to.

Additionally when this was first posted, I'd barely started on a replacement local library plug-in & as of this post, there's still artwork related parts within my replacement plug-in that need to be done which I deem lower priority over trying to get other parts of WACUP stable &/or dropping more of the remaining re-used 5.666 dlls. That'll piss some off but so be it & is how I'm deciding to spend my limited time.


If you have .wma files it will not read those waveforms.
It can only render the waveform for formats that have an appropriate local decoder installed which supports the file conversion api. WMA doesn't fall under that as support for those files is via the re-used in_dshow plug-in from 5.666 which doesn't provide what's needed.

Other files not working could either be the same issue or that there's an issue obtaining either access to the file (sharing conflict) or that the metadata which is looked at isn't available which causes the checks to fail making it then show the generic waveform.

As for the NAS issue, I've still to look at the other threads but am wondering if it's all due to an optimisation change made to reduce the overhead of checking for files existing before doing additional processing against them & that might not be working well for NAS based paths (something I've still to get a test setup re-created for checking such things).


If you go to Preferences -> Media Library -> Local Library -> Maintenance tab -> is that reporting any issues? As it's most likely from all of the crashes you've mentioned that the 2 local library db files involved are messed up & it's failing to then work with them.

As you've already attempted to re-add files then the backup files are probably also messed up since those'll have been tried to be loaded as well if the main ones are deemed to be corrupt. So it might require to use the clear option to be able to then restart the db completely.


There were 2 auto-submitted reports & one of them seems to match to what was posted here (as an additional note, dmp files tend to compress well & the report zip had a copy included in it).

The first obvious thing that's jumping out is the ajaxamp plug-in seemingly doing something & would suggest temporarily trying to run wacup without that plug-in enabled (preferences -> plug-ins -> general -> find in the list & un-check & then allow wacup to restart).

Otherwise it might be an issue with the re-used in_mp3 from the 5.666 installer which is still to be replaced.

The only other thing would be to try changing the output plug-in being used just to rule that out (some setups don't work well with the directsound output plug-in) via Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Output -> choose not so yasapi from the dropdown & restart playback (or restart wacup to be certain).


Preferences -> Advanced -> Error Reporting -> follow the procdump related instructions or run wacup.exe /procdump from a command-line window within the WACUP install folder to try to collect some form of crash report to try to help figure the cause of it.


I'm not seeing a copy of that crash report on the server. If you've still got a local copy of it can you dm it to me please. Though if "Currently open handles: 16711680" is actually correct then you're experiencing an issue I've yet to replicate & don't currently know why its happening for some.


Would it be possible to consider adding these options when we right-click on an item in a Playlist so we don't have to go back in the library?
That's exactly what the Ctrl+Alt+E / re-build titles action already is meant to be doing within the main & library playlist views.

Also the Alt+3 dialog just gets what's from the file whereas the batch edit dialog depending on where it's called from will either show the file metadata or the local library metadata or a combination since that's trying to find whatever it can.

Maybe try disabling the metadata guessing options on the local library prefs page & then triggering the metadata refreshing otherwise I need to be more with it to make sense of the rest of the information in the post & am partly wondering if your local library db is borked.


That to me looks very much like the metadata stored in the local library for the items is wrong & it'll require a refresh to be done. As what is stored in the local library is used over the in-file metadata. You can either select the item in the main playlist & use Ctrl+Alt+E or use the rebuild titles option from the Misc button in the main playlist window to attempt to force things.

If that works then you'd be best triggering a full local library refresh via the right-click menu on the local library root node in the media library window or via the library button -> local library sub-menu.

Additionally if those are from library playlists, the titles from them are typically used as-is until attempting to play the files & you'll need to go to the playlists node in the media library & one by one trigger the titles to be re-built on them (like with the main playlist).


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