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Author Topic: portable edition: thanks and thoughts  (Read 891 times)


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portable edition: thanks and thoughts
« on: August 11, 2021, 01:23:43 AM »
Ever since I discovered portable apps for Windows some 4 years ago, that's all I use (when I have the option).

A couple of the main advantages are
  • Migrating apps to a new PC is a breeze. I just copy over my folder with all the portable apps in it (I still have to install the non-portable apps in my new PC though.
  • I can use them in my severely locked down work PC without making a trip to the IT dept and asking them to install something on the work PC.

So... from every fiber of my being, thank you to you devs for the WACUP portable edition.

There were portable editions of Winamp floating about on the internet if one knew where to find them. And I've used those in the past. And I've even portabilized Winamp myself in the past. But they always had some issues or the other that made them somewhat unpleasant to use. Having used lots and lots of portable versions of Winamp, I believe WACUP portable is the best portable version out there.

I've had a couple of issues with my installation of WACUP portable edition, and I'm writing the rest of this post to bring attention to these issues.

  • My .mp3 files seem to have lost the earlier Winamp icon they used to have (under a prior Winamp portable app). The icon I see now is a plain white rectangle like the image below:
  • Double-clicking the file in the file explorer to enqueue in Winamp... if we could get this feature for the portable edition, that'll be really great.
  • I love the "restart playing from point where you closed Winamp last time" (Options > Preferences > General > Autoplay > Restore playing position). However, it restores the position even if I load a different .mp3 file the next time. My wish for this features: that it should recognize whether the same file has been loaded as the last time Winamp was closed, and only then to restore the playing position. (Simple explanation, let's say I'm playing a song "abc.mp3" and I close Winamp when I've played the first 2 minutes of the song. Then, I double click on "xyz.mp3" in my file explorer. Winamp opens and starts to play "xyz.mp3" at the 2 minute mark. This is unwanted behavior. It should only start playing at the 2 minute mark if I open "abc.mp3" again. 

That's all -- thanks!
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Re: portable edition: thanks and thoughts
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2021, 01:16:14 PM »
WACUP in it's current beta / preview state is acting like it's a portable install no matter what install type is made. That's why the icons & file association aspects are just not implemented (it also doesn't even work in the current betas as it's never been a supported mode with any of the WACUP builds).

For the autoplay issue, it's related to the first 'issue' though there's already a number of checks in place for it to skip applying it if the file has changed so I'll have to come back to it when I get external loading working again in the later beta builds.