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Author Topic: WACUP-ONLY Skins? - Mods & Fixex  (Read 6114 times)


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WACUP-ONLY Skins? - Mods & Fixex
« on: March 20, 2019, 03:20:31 AM »
I would like to see a list of skins that have active support here @ WACUP. Why should I bother using a skin that has no chance of being fixed or modified because the owner is no longer an active participant? I don't want to inconvenience the community with change/fix requests only to be informed that it has to be addressed by the 'skinner' who may have departed to other pastures.'


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Re: WACUP-ONLY Skins? - Mods & Fixex
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2019, 01:14:53 PM »
Altering / updating / maintaining skins have always been a troublesome issue going back to the start of skinning where you'd often be lucky if the skin correctly did just the classic main window. Thankfully classic skins are much easier to say they'll just work & are potentially easier for anyone to fix if needed as they're just image files (it's then just down to artistic ability & interest).

With the Quinto scenario which I assume is the skin implied but applies to other similar skins, it's a balancing act between following the rights of the skin author & trying to appease the needs of users & sometimes there's going to be a disconnect. Though after a point someone is going to get upset by things when keeping things working & actually useful for the active users needs is more important - it just sadly gets much messier when using the modern/winamp3 skins due to them having a scripted / dynamic aspect to them which is harder to deal with if those aren't provided.

For the request, if we know a skin works (aimed more at modern skins than classic skins as they should always work, just will be incomplete) then I don't see a problem either having a thread or a page (a wiki has also been considered for such things but needs to be setup) or even in ones offered from within WACUP directly where it's then detailed that they are compatible &/or what the known issues are. That's different to wanting a change of the colours & would need to be managed to just relate to usability & not desirability.