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Author Topic: MilkDrop 3.0 + 500 presets  (Read 2980 times)


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MilkDrop 3.0 + 500 presets
« on: March 20, 2023, 10:12:14 PM »
Hey guys, I've made a version of MilkDrop 3.0  :D

info and download :

 :-* :-* :-*


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Re: MilkDrop 3.0 + 500 presets
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2023, 10:27:01 PM »
This is awesome!  Thank you so much.  One issue I'm having.  I can only get it to launch when I select one of my two NON-default audio devices.  In other words, if I select the Nvidia High Definition audio device or my PreSonus AudioBox, MilkDrop 3 will launch.  However, If my default device (Realtek Digital Audio Output from my motherboard) MilkDrop 3 will not launch.  I could not find anything in settings or in the .ini file for selecting audio device.  Any ideas?


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Re: MilkDrop 3.0 + 500 presets
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2023, 03:24:35 AM »
At the moment it's not possible to choose the audio source, I'm working on that.
It works fine for 99% of the users, but a few unlucky ones with complex audio setup have reported this problem.

Version 3.2 is out btw and the possibilities of presets mashup are now pretty crazy,
watch my tutorial #3 :

What's new in version 3.2:
    -300+ presets, new HD textures, new HD patterns.
    -Double-preset are now displayed correctly when entering/exiting full screen or resizing the window.
    -Live blending: pressing the keys 'p' and 'P' will display directly pattern or progress, no more backspace/spacebar needed!
    -Reload a double-preset: pressing 'o' will reload a double-preset only with different random values, very handy to see different plasma blend for example
    -Flip presets: press 'u' to flip preset 1 and 2 (and keep the exact position)
    -Locked direction: press 'U' to force the direction of the blending, ex: if you are using the cercle pattern, -1 = from the INSIDE, 1 = from the OUTSIDE
    -Block a preset: press 'b' to lock a preset, it will always load first when creating a double-preset (F9 and then SPACEBAR)
    -Press 'B' to choose the blending time
    -When pressing F4, you can now see both preset names if it's a double-preset
    -New borderless mode with F7
    -New delete mode: press CTRL+DELETE to start or exit delete mode: now you can delete any preset you see simply by pressing the DELETE key (no need to load the list and confirmation).
     Very handy if you want to clean a large number of presets, be careful you can't restore a deleted preset!
    -When pressing the keys A,D,M,Z or F9, it will auto-switch to 'Show only classic-presets' to avoid any mash-up errors.
    -Added the Beginners Guide to MilkDrop Preset Writing in html and doc in the Milkdrop3\docs folder
    -Lot's of small bugs fixed...

same download link as before:

if you want to check the new presets only :
257 of them are .milk2 presets :)
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