Latest restricted WACUP beta release is build #18980 (April 24th 2024) (x86 & x64 changelogs) | Latest WACUP public preview is build #18980 (April 24th 2024) (x86 only)

NOTE: Beta testers are added in a limited & subjective manner as I can only support so many people as part of the beta test program to keep it useful for my needs.

Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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How to manually setup WACUP to use your own Twitter App API keys

To setup WACUP to use your own Twitter App API keys for sending tweets instead of using the WACUP App API keys, please follow the steps below.

If you are uncertain of what you are doing or only occasionally send tweets then you should ask in the forum or prefer to keep using the WACUP handling (assuming recent changes to how Twitter & access to it's API are e.g. if it's gone to a paid model).
  • Goto Preferences -> Advanced
  • Change 'WACUP' to 'User App' from the drop down
  • Goto Preferences -> Playback -> Play Tracking -> Select the 'Twitter' tab
  • Click on the 'Twitter App' link or go to L" to create a Twitter App
    - Please follow the instructions that Twitter provides on how to create a valid Twitter App.
    - If you have created a Twitter App you want to use then please skip this step
  • Once the Twitter App is created, goto the part of the Twitter App page which shows your keys
  • Copy the 'Consumer Key (API Key)' and the 'Consumer Secret (API Secret)' values and paste them into the same field on the preference page from step 3
  • Click 'Encrypt & Save' to store the keys
    - If you make a mistake and you want to change or re-enter the keys, on the Preferences -> Advanced page, changing the drop down from 'User App' to 'WACUP' and back to 'User App' will reset things so you can then go back to step 3
  • The preferences page will have now been reloaded and changed to ask for the user credentials to tweet for
  • Follow the instructions provided on the preference page to authorise tweeting for the required Twitter user
  • You should now be able to tweet to the desired user using your Twitter App API keys :)

Note: This is re-posted from the beta sub-forum & has been done in response to reported pending changes to access to the Twitter API which will likely put it all behind a paywall. If that happens then it's going to prevent the WACUP feature from working like it has been since it was first implemented years back but thankfully I put in place a means to use your own Twitter App api details.

I'll be keeping an eye on how this plays out as at the time of this post there's no information on what the cost is going to be as I'd prefer not to pay Twitter considering this is a cash grab but I'm also aware that there are those making use of the feature who'd not be able to use it.

General Discussion / Latest Blog Post (Last updated 21st April 2022)
« on: March 24, 2021, 10:01:46 PM »
For those not keeping an eye on or even aware of the WACUP blog, I'm now going to be posting in this thread when a new blog post is made so it's a little bit more obvious there is one if you only ever look at the forum :)

This is especially useful as the blog posts often contain information about the status of when new beta builds are expected (and thus new beta testers getting access) and other useful information about WACUP development that is happening or is going to happen.

21st April 2022

25 Years Of Winamp

1st April 2022

WACUP Development Update March 2022

28th February 2022

WACUP Development Update February 2022

31st January 2022

WACUP Development Update January 2022

31st December 2022

WACUP Development Update December 2021

1st December 2021

WACUP Development Update November 2021

1st November 2021

WACUP Development Update October 2021

30th September 2021

WACUP Development Update September 2021

24th March 2021

WACUP Site Outage & Migration (ftw)

9th January 2020

WACUP and Winamp and 4K, just how bad is it?

2nd December 2019

200 Weeks of WACUP (thoughts, plans and tl;dr :) )

23rd April 2019

Breaking things because you told me to do it...

10th April 2019

I did get some work done it seems...

21st March 2019

WACUP development should get back to normal in April...

7th January 2019

WACUP finally gets a public preview build :)

22nd October 2018

WACUP, Winamp v5.8 beta & the future of things WACUP & Winamp related

26th June 2018

Mid-year catch-up and release plan changes

21st April 2018

21 Years of Winamp ❤

8th March 2018

I’ve now created a Discord server


General Discussion / Site Migration (March 2021)
« on: March 24, 2021, 03:19:57 PM »
As some of you may have noticed the WACUP site was done for over a day this week due to what I shall only call ineptitude on the part of my prior hosting provider. I've now moved to a different host as of last night & so far it's already a better experience from what I can tell.

I'm sure that there's going to be some things that might not be correct which I'll be keeping an eye on in the logs, etc but if you find something that's broken like a missing image, etc then please do let me know so I can hopefully get it resolved.


Wishlist / Feature Requests / MOVED: Audio CD
« on: September 12, 2019, 03:11:55 AM »

Skins / WACUPified Base Skin
« on: February 19, 2019, 10:57:27 PM »
Attached is the WACUPified version of the Winamp 5.666 classic base skin so you don't need to mess around with extracting & renaming images from a resource dll (which is just an implementation detail that makes things simpler for WACUP but not for skinners, hence this upload :) ).

Other than a bit of Winamp to WACUP branding changes (as was also done by spotiamp/spotiamb & a few other media players from over the years) the main difference is the images are stored as PNG (as WACUP natively supports) & it fixes some visual issues present in the image files which were more noticeable when using it in double-size / 2x view mode - oh you lucky people to have 4K monitors ;)


To use it you'll need to go to Preferences -> Playback -> Discord tab & enable the mode & then when WACUP starts doing something it should within ~ 15 seconds start showing Playing WACUP against your user name & within your Discord profile it should show what's playing along with the current playback status (playing/paused/stopped). This can be customised within reason via the ATF based formatting so you can leverage metadata that WACUP is able to obtain through to adding some branding information or whatever you like (within reason :) ).

Things to note:

The updates are not 'live' and there's up to a 15 second delay on status changes appearing. This is controlled by the Discord api so depending upon when an update is sent from the plug-in to Discord, it might appear within a few seconds or you might have to wait up to the full 15 seconds (which is done as a means to deal with rapid updates that could be annoying or not helpful).

If you have a custom status set then it's possible you will no longer see the Playing WACUP notice against your user name. This is entirely down to the Discord client & is effectively acting as a user defined override though your profile should still show what WACUP is playing (as long as there's no conflicts / other programs also trying to update the Discord status).

Having WACUP & Discord running with different user permissions (e.g. one as a normal user & another via "run as admin") will cause the integration to fail. This is expected due to how the OS maintains appropriate levels of security between running programs at different access levels. Ensuring both are running as the same "normal" user is the best recommendation. Sometimes a machine restart can help resolve this depending on how updates have been run.

If the WACUP status still isn't showing, you may need to double check that you've enabled the activity status in your Discord client via Settings -> Activity status (near the bottom of the settings list) otherwise WACUP reporting what's playing will be ignored.

If you don't like the default choice of images used by WACUP on your profile, you can optionally create your own via Discord's application process & then get WACUP to use your app_id instead of the WACUP app_id.

So with WACUP closed (note it must be otherwise it may not be seen correctly), then find your settings folder and within the [gen_yule] section of your winamp.ini file add a discord_app_id=xxx line to it where xxx is your registered discord app_id.

After that, start WACUP & you should see if using your Discord app details instead of what was provided.

To go back to the default handling, with WACUP closed, remove discord_app_id=xxx line and start using WACUP again :)

The image asset ids you need to setup to work with the WACUP plug-in are logo, play, pause & stop (all of which should be self explanatory on what they do).


Preview Build Discussion / Known Reported Public Preview Build Issues
« on: December 31, 2018, 04:54:36 PM »
Here you'll find listed any common / obvious issues that are known to crash the specific WACUP preview builds noted below (either prior to or after a preview release has been released).

You can also check out the known issues page ( which is a more general summary about things that maybe work in an undesired manner (due to native Winamp design) or are intentionally known to not be working due to in-progress development changes as part of the preview development.

v1.0.0.3174 (Jan 2 2019)
  • The main playlist will not scroll the currently playing item into view on track change &/or highlight the currently playing item. This is bug related to changing the spacebar to pause/un-pause playback by default.

    Going to Preferences -> Playlist -> Change the 'spacebar action' to 'Scroll the current playlist item into view' will get the expected behaviour back. The handling with the default action (to pause/un-pause) is fixed for the next build.

  • Some installs may complain about not being able to patch timer.w5s when installing WACUP. The cause of this is currently under investigation.


It happened at last, after ~6 months of work since the prior public preview build, a new preview build of WACUP has been released as can be downloaded from This build is expected to not be reported as something to update to from within existing WACUP installs & the means to do that will be enabled before the end of April 2024.

If you are an existing beta tester then it's recommended to keep using the beta builds unless you prefer to move to a slower cadence of build updates. As of this initial release the only difference between beta & preview is to do with the update process where beta builds update to beta builds & preview builds update to preview &/or final builds depending on what is provided at the time.

The preview builds will aim to be updated roughly every few months (subject to the nature of any issues & IRL which sadly happened between builds #3276 & #4130) whilst beta builds will hopefully still be being updated every few weeks depending on testing needs & how development is going (some things take longer to sort out which can cause longer delays between builds).

If you are interested in getting more involved and using newer builds than are provided then you may consider becoming a beta tester & just need to drop me ("dro") a PM (personal message) on this forum to be considered.


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