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Author Topic: Media Library Bookmarks radio channel launch issue  (Read 695 times)


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Media Library Bookmarks radio channel launch issue
« on: May 03, 2024, 09:36:27 PM »
Sometimes whilst you're already listening a radio channel (streaming aac) and you try to switch to another channel via Media Library bookmarks link (you double click it), the current channel just stops but new channel doesn't start playing. You click again the same channel you tried before and it starts playing normally. This happens infrequently, but still often enough to annoy you. I couldn't replicate the problem if I select another channel using the playlist window.

The problem persists on WACUP Preview v1.99.12.18980 (April 2024 release), PC = Win10 x64.
I first noticed the problem on WACUP Preview v1.9.20.17040 (September 2023 release), PC = Win10 x64.
I didn't notice the problem on WACUP Preview v1.0.18.6800 (December 2020 release), PC = Win10 x64.
I don't think I used versions in between these. I've only used preview releases, not beta releases.

I can circumvent the problem (the problem goes away) if I go to settings->Playlist->Titles | ATF, select "Read metadata only when file(s) are played" and disable "Use ATF when possible." So the problem is one of those two. This circumvention doesn't cause any negative effects on the usage of WACUP on my part.
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