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Author Topic: DSP plug-in Thimeo Stereo Tool v9.70 causes freeze of WACUP on launch  (Read 645 times)


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As stated, WACUP won't launch after Thimeo Stereo Tool v9.70 is installed.
The only way to fix this issue and get WACUP to work again is to manually delete the plug-in DLL in the plug-in folder.
I'm using the latest WACUP Preview Build v1.0.21.7236 (March 11, 2021) on a Windows 8.1 machine.
This issue is specific to the latest version of Thimeo Stereo Tool, that is version 9.70.
Earlier versions of the plugin, at least until version 9.63, work without issues.
I have for the time being reverted back to version 9.63 of the plug-in.
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I couldn't determine what it was that has changed with stereotool 9.70 compared to 9.63 causing it to not like the way that WACUP was working when it was first reported about a month ago. Manually killing the wacup.exe loader process but leaving the winamp.original process (need to look at the details view in task manager or an equivalent in a 3rd party process tool) will then allow loading to complete.

However there's been changes made & have been confirmed as working with the 81xx beta builds that allow either version of the plug-in to work :)

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