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Oops. You're right. I forgot all about AOL.  :)

But that's just my point. The 'them' you're talking about may not be the same people you had run-ins with. Although I just checked the website for AudioValley and their CEO is the same guy who promised us a new Winamp 8 was coming in 2019, when he was CEO of Radionomy... Damn. I'll have to adjust my hopes somewhat again.

The thing that for me sets apart Winamp from all the rest, both past and present, is its library. The Spotify 'library' - and I use that term very loosely - sucks. If there would ever be a Winamp/WACUP with a native Windows GUI (WPF?) instead of the current graphical skins, which could also be used as a Spotify player, I would be a very happy camper. (A guy can dream, can't he? ;))

You're right. As long as there are people interested in WACUP, and as long as you find enjoyment in creating it, keep on coding! :)


I get the frustration with Nullsoft/Radionomy/Audiovalley, but the constant bashing of them is getting a bit tiresome. Too much bitterness. It's always the same tune. In Dutch: "Het is niks, het was niks, en het zal ook nooit wat worden." ("It is rubbish, it used to be rubbish and it will never be anything but rubbish.")

Looking at their job link (, they seem to be pretty serious, so let's give them a chance to prove themselves. AudioValley <> Radionomy <> Nullsoft.

You don't assemble an entire team just to have them do nothing. We here all may know Winamp, but as a brand, hardly anyone of the newer IT generation knows it. The name Winamp is not the developer magnet some of us would like to think. Winamp is like floppy disks or WordPerfect. They used to be everywhere and were the number one in their field, but now hardly anybody under the age of 30, who's not in IT, knows about them.

I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'm willing to be surprised.

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