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Title: Milkdrop on system audio?
Post by: ferropop on May 03, 2021, 07:02:00 PM
Hi! Any plans to give Milkdrop the ability to react to system audio, and not just media being played by WACUP?

I recall the original builds of Winamp had this ability, I believe by listening to the "Stereo Mix" device that was common on soundcards.
Title: Re: Milkdrop on system audio?
Post by: Dr.Flay on May 03, 2021, 08:51:03 PM
It still uses linein the same way.
Open the "Play URL" in the file menu.
Use "linein://"

Or use the more advanced WACUP capture settings in the prefs panel
Title: Re: Milkdrop on system audio?
Post by: dro on May 03, 2021, 09:44:17 PM
It's on my todo list for a milkdrop:// specific mode to capture the current system output along with force setting WACUP to not re-output any audio itself with the built-in null output so it can just render from what's overall being played.

As there's cases where the capture support as-is can't get at the overall system audio either due to a lack of stereo mix or the normal means not being able to get a specific device (especially with usb output). Whereas there's a means with the WASAPI support that seems to be able to work as a generic capture target so what's playing can be gotten irrespective of the rest of the system / drivers / hardware being used.

Also the linein:// / capture:// isn't quite the same compared to Winamp & from something I'd tried out a few weeks ago from this also coming up on the WACUP Discord server is why I can't really rely on that as a catch-all solution (same goes for suggesting things like virtual audio cables as that can be intimidating to some users).