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Title: Enqueue explorer options and color editor qustions
Post by: D34DL1N3R on April 08, 2021, 04:57:28 PM
Just installed the latest version for the first time. I did do a forum search that didn't result in much outside of 3+ yr old posts/articles that didn't really didn't answer my questions. I looked, if it's there and I missed it, my apologies.

First off, why were the explorer "enqueue/play" options removed to begin with? They worked fine in vanilla Winamp, so why were they removed? This alone is almost incentive enough for me to just go back and install vanilla. Secondly, the color editor actually works or...? Didn't seem like anything I did made any difference at all. Why keep it in the options if it doesn't work? And yes, I did look through MANY pages of years old info regarding this, but there's nothing recent regarding it all.

Thanks. :)
Title: Re: Enqueue explorer options and color editor qustions
Post by: dro on April 08, 2021, 05:54:36 PM
The modern skin colour editor like most things modern skin related is hit & miss in how well it works. So it'll either crash always for some or it'll be fine for others. Its included as it can work at times & having it present avoided the issue of going to winamp's forum to try & find it.

File association / shell integration isn't a provided mode (it should be in the notes shown during installation) with WACUP because trying to have the WACUP & Winamp cores interact nicely with each other isn't happening & so I've basically blocked the winamp core from offering associations until I've written my code to be able to handle things.

However it might still work depending on what action has been done & some find manually associating files works but it's not something I officially support & won't until I no longer rely upon bits of winamp to be running.

The other reason is WACUP is still only available in a beta / preview state & having something that is essentially always installed as a portable install is safer for testing between it & winamp & other WACUP builds.

Most of WACUP is more than useable & should function better vs Winamp's offerings of plug-ins but if explorer integration is a must then the plain patched 5.666 is probably a better option for you for now.

So until I've got a means to control the whole process from initial loading to parsing the command line / COM interaction & getting it into the main playlist, external integration isn't on my officially supported list of WACUP features & I'm ok if that puts people off from using it for now.

Hope that clarifies things in their current state.

Title: Re: Enqueue explorer options and color editor qustions
Post by: D34DL1N3R on April 10, 2021, 02:07:22 AM
Thanks for the reply. It helps for the most part. The color editor doesn't freeze or crash anything on my end, it just kinda does nothing whatsoever once it opens. Oh well. :)

I do have one more question. Dragging and dropping a folder into the playlist editor that has both the audio tracks and the playlist file in it, results in all tracks being added to the playlist editor twice. Was unable to find an option to prevent this from happening and wondering if it's possible to prevent this.
Title: Re: Enqueue explorer options and color editor qustions
Post by: dro on April 10, 2021, 03:45:17 AM
There isn't an option at the moment for controlling the drag+drop handling but a set of options is already on my todo list as the current simple winamp style doesn't fit with modern expectations. As there's requests wanting the playlist to only be used, others to ignore the playlist, others to use the playlist & then only add files not already present in the playlist & something else that's escaping me.

Having it check & only add what's not already been found is non-trivial if I want to ensure the performance doesn't suck as you have to start checking what's already been read & depending on the sizes & how many levels of folders / recursion in the playlists means it'll be slow compared to just add what's found without paying attention to the context.

Title: Re: Enqueue explorer options and color editor qustions
Post by: Eris Lund on April 10, 2021, 05:31:58 PM
re: the color editor doesn't do anything

To have the color editor do anything, you have to create a new color theme or clone an existing one

Though when you attempt to delete one you created yourself, it will crash WACUP, so you'll have to manually delete it in the respective xml file (found in %APPDATA%\WACUP\Plugins\Freeform\wacs\coloreditor\data\)