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Author Topic: Import/Sync WACUP Playlists to Youtube Music PlayLists (YTM)  (Read 3646 times)


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Import/Sync WACUP Playlists to Youtube Music PlayLists (YTM)
« on: August 25, 2020, 01:55:25 PM »
Since there is no integration/syncing (yet) built into WACUP to sync playlists to Youtube Music, I decided to write some Python scripts myself to sync my WACUP m3u8 playlists to Youtube Music. I named my toolkit WinaYo and decided to share it as freeware:

WinaYo is a command line toolkit to convert and import WACUP playlists (m3u8) to Youtube Music playLists (csv) using Python and ytmusicapi. WinaYo also allows to backup Youtube Music playlists to csv files, which you can open in WACUP and import back into YTM. Deleting all your playlists is also supported. WinaYo can easily be modified to adapt to your playlist naming convention.

Comments are welcome.


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Re: Import/Sync WACUP Playlists to Youtube Music PlayLists (YTM)
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