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Skins / Re: New BentoX Skin for WinAmp/WACUP
« on: December 20, 2021, 10:09:13 AM »
Version 1.2.3 released.

What's new:
  • Set fonts in player and info display slightly bold and anti-aliased
  • Added instructions in readme file to set "Tahoma" font consistently through interface (could not change it via .xml only)

Instructions to set "Tahoma" font:
  • Preferences/Skins/Modern Skins/Font Rendering/: check "Use Skin Font Mapper" and "Configure ...": Map Font "Arial" into "Tahoma" (New+Close)
  • Preferences/Playlist/: Uncheck "Use skin or language pack font" and Use font: "Tahoma"



Skins / New BentoX Skin for WinAmp/WACUP
« on: December 02, 2021, 08:15:33 PM »
Just released a new BentoX skin based on the old Bento skin.


Use this new BentoX WinAmp/WACUP skin to give your WinAmp/WACUP a modern make-over.
The old Bento skin was developed by Martin Pöhlmann, Ben Allison and Taber Buhl.
The new BentoX skin has these modifications:
  • Flat title bar
  • Flat grey window minimize, maximize and close buttons
  • Dark player buttons
  • Flat dark scroll bars and handles
  • Flat rectangular notification window
  • Darker text fonts
Download and Installation

The BentoX skin is freeware and can be downloaded at
Copy BentoX folder into %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\Skins\ or %ProgramFiles%\WACUP\Skins\
Open WinAmp/WACUP and select BentoX skin from Menu/Skins

Feedback welcome!


I use the free version of Stereo Tool ( It does take some time to learn how to configure it because it has a lot of options. It comes with several presets. I particularly like the high and low band filters. This feature lets me block the frequencies my speakers can't reproduce which prevents distortion.

This DSP lets you tailor and bring out all the sound in your source files, even at low volume levels. I highly recommend it.

Thx @Aminifu, "Stereo Tool" also sounds great, but indeed has more options, and the load on the cpu/gpu can be high.


I was also using Volumelogic at one point but switched to Compwide:

If you're looking to normalize volume levels, give it a try. works great here.

Hope this helps,


Thx, it also sounds ok, but it hasn't got the "drive" option of Volume-Logic which emulates the warmth of tube-amps by adding harmonics that stay in phase.

If you click "Configure" (plugin) WACUP crashes.
I have sent you a private message with a link to Plantronics Volume Logic 1.4 for WinAmp plugin.

This Volume Logic 1.4 plugin (dll from Plantronics) works just fine in WinAmp but can't get it to work in WACUP.
Can you please support this plugin.
I can deliver you this plugin upon request for testing

Since there is no integration/syncing (yet) built into WACUP to sync playlists to Youtube Music, I decided to write some Python scripts myself to sync my WACUP m3u8 playlists to Youtube Music. I named my toolkit WinaYo and decided to share it as freeware:

WinaYo is a command line toolkit to convert and import WACUP playlists (m3u8) to Youtube Music playLists (csv) using Python and ytmusicapi. WinaYo also allows to backup Youtube Music playlists to csv files, which you can open in WACUP and import back into YTM. Deleting all your playlists is also supported. WinaYo can easily be modified to adapt to your playlist naming convention.

Comments are welcome.

Just figured out how I can trigger this bug:
If I select the option: media library/local library/watch folders/rescan folders at startup: the ml_exporter plugin fails.
If I deselect the option: the ml_exporter plugin starts and generates the m3u8 files correctly. It seems that the database is not available or locked during scanning the folders.

I have about 40 SmartViews defined. I want to export them to m3u8 on a regular basis, but ml_exporter plugin does not start (library/export/smartviews/all smartviews).
I had the same problem in old winamp5. I guess when there are too many smartviews, the exporter plugin fails. When I delete my smartviews and only keep the basic, the plugin starts. Is there a workaround to export SmartViews to m3u8?

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